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Aimee+Shawn’s video best of is a little short this week because Shawn took his boys to Super Nintendo World! The impromptu trip was filled with missing Mario toys, a multitude of crammed families and great memories. (If you want great tips on how to take on the land without “Early Access”, check out his blog.)

While Shawn was gone, Aimee was on her front porch, cackling maniacally, watching a grasshopper die slowly. Sure, she hates grasshoppers. No one loves them. But… does this make her unwell?

You know who is really unwell? Aimee’s son Jayden. He learned the hard way he should not only listen to mom… but there’s something you should never tell a woman. You never tell a man to “calm down”… and you never call a woman this. Now he’s without his XBOX.

Recently, Shawn went to a restaurant where his waitress (who he sees often) sat down next to him. Her stepdad passed away that week. Obviously, very sad. But when you hear how he passed away and what she believes he clung onto before passing away, you’ll cry a little.

While Jayden is serving hard time for calling mom “crazy,” Aimee’s friend has a bigger issue on her hands. Her young teenage daughter was caught drinking. Which led to the question… how long should you be punished for that? Her friend didn’t know. Neither did Aimee. So it was time to call Uncle Google.

What’s on Aimee+Shawn next week?

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  • Watching A Grasshopper Die... And Loving It

    Aimee’s hatred of grasshoppers is clinical, and after watching a grasshopper slowly perish on her porch, there’s an argument to be made she’s certifiable.

  • They Ran Out Of Mario Plush Toys At Super Nintendo World

    In a story line that is straight out of Jingle All The Way, Shawn couldn’t buy a Mario doll at Universal Studios because they were all sold out. But Luigi? PLENTY Of Luigi.

  • Do You Tell Your Kid It Isn't Real?

    Shawn’s sons were a bit spooked by the raptor at Universal Studios, and were convinced they were in trouble. So he just told them… there’s a dude in the suit. Should he not have?

  • Does Aimee Look Dumb, Jayden? (Why Her Teen Is Punished)

    On Aimee+Shawn, we prescribe to the simple equation FA=FO. Jayden FA’d, so he FO’d… but then he FA’d again… which PO’d Aimee to no end.

  • Want To Visit The Hollywood Sign? Ignore The Other Signs

    There is a community in Hollywood that would like you to believe there is no way to see the Hollywood Sign from their community. Watch as Shawn laughs at them and points out how their signs are total lies.

  • Waiting To Die Until The Vegas Golden Knights Win The Stanley Cup

    Shawn was out to lunch recently when his usual waitress sat down and told him a story about her stepfather passing away last week. When you hear how, and when he did, you’re going to tear up.

  • Dead Florida Woman Leaves Mansion To Cats, Judge Ignores Her Will

    You lived a good life. You made an obscene amount of money. You love your cats. So you do what you’re supposed to and get a will, and leave your mansion to your cats so they could live out their days. Weird, but her estate right? Well… no. Not right, in Florida.

  • You See Your Kid Get Bullied: Do You Step In?

    Shawn was left wondering how much jail time he would be looking at for leveling a 7 year old girl…

  • How Long Should You Ground Underage Daughter For Drinking?

    Aimee’s friend was in a predicament. She caught her young teen daughter drinking with older friends. She knew she had to be punished… but for how long? Well… you know who would know…?

  • What To Do If You See Someone Getting Catfished

    Aimee was getting her nails done and she overheard a woman bragging about her internet boyfriend who she had been helping through some hard financial times. Sure, she’s never met him or had a video chat with him… but she’s in love. Aimee’s convinced this woman is getting catfished.

  • When You're Warned, But You Do It Anyway

    The Titanic submarine met a terrible end this week… and they were warned by several professionals that the ship was not safe for deep sea diving. But they carried on anyways.

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