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Aimee really put in the work this week, working an astounding two days! Frankly, she regrets not taking the entire week off for July 4th, but hey we all make mistakes! Aimee+Shawn went on this week with Shawn saving his vacation time for no particular reason.

That doesn’t mean Shawn didn’t have fun. Last weekend he took a quick trip to New York City to see one of the first performances of Back To The Future: The Musical on Broadway. His favorite movie turned into his favorite musical… he even cried during one of the final scenes!

Lots of people are still asking about Sammi and her Raiderettes tryout. She had a lot of fun being a part of the process, and now Sammi is seeking out her next adventure. What will she try next?

It is so easy to say “wow that guy has red flags” but what about green flags. What are some things you do and possess (or your potential mate does) that radiates “this one is a keeper”?

The night before July 4th, Shawn learned he is bad at more than just basketball. Sammi destroyed him at the boss’ house in cornhole. And it wasn’t… even… close.

Aimee eventually returned and she’s annoyed. Her husband accused her of “crying wolf” about television shows and which ones people need to watch. A family friend ignored her for seven years, and she’s annoyed by that!

Finally, Shawn is using his son as a time machine and encouraging his son to do something he couldn’t when he was younger. It made him cry, but it made him proud!

What’s happening on Aimee+Shawn next week?

Nickelback is in town this month, playing T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, July 15th! We’ve got your last minute tickets! Plus Tivoli Village is holding a family luau and you can win your way in to the party all week long!

  • Shawn Saw "Back To The Future The Musical" On Broadway... And LOVED It

    Shawn went to New York City over the weekend to visit his Mecca… one of the first performances of Back To The Future The Musical. Back To The Future is his favorite movie and now it’s his favorite musical.

  • Why Are People So Annoying In Airports??

    On his flight to New York, Shawn sat back and watched the worst of humanity crowding gates, blocking baggage carousels, falling asleep on strangers and more. Why are people terrible when they fly?

  • Sammi's Future Plans (And Being Luke Combs' Arm Candy)

    After her valiant attempt to become a part of the Raiderettes, Sammi sets her sights elsewhere for her next challenge.

  • The Best And Worst Celebrity National Anthem Attempts

    Considering we are all in the afterglow of July 4th, we listen to some of the best attempts at the national anthem, and the ones that made us want to rescind our citizenship.

  • Summerlin Patriotic Parade And The Mad Dash For The Perfect Spot

    Life is unfair, and for those that followed the rules for staking their claim along the parade route, they are learning that firsthand.

  • Forget Red Flags... What Are Your Green Flags?

    It is so easy to point out all the red flags you immediately notice on someone… but what are your GREEN flags? What do you do (or look for in someone) that is incredibly positive and endearing?

  • Sammi Destroys Shawn In Cornhole

    21-0. Shawn got beat 21-0. Sammi is a shark.

  • What Do Our Dreams Mean?

    Aimee is back and could barely sleep last night! But the little sleep she did have was weird. Very weird.

  • American Healthcare Is So Dumb

    Sure, your kid can have the inhaler. Oh, he needs to put that inhaler in a plastic thing to use it? Nope. Not covered.

  • The Aimee That Cried Wolf

    Aimee has been accused of constantly suggesting new TV shows to people, to the point where she is no longer credible. Aimee is, obviously, upset over this.

  • And The Award Goes To...

    Our boss Cat just got some very nice recognition from Radio Ink Magazine and we are very proud of him! Neither Aimee or Shawn have achieved such heights.

  • Forcing Your Kid To Be Brave

    It was a moment that brought Shawn back to his childhood. His son was afraid to climb down a playground mountain he had climbed up. Shawn could either carry him down… or he could make him cry while encouraging him to do it himself.

  • You Can't Close Threads Account Without Deleting Instagram - And Other Contracts You Can't Break

    Well, once you go Threads, you’re stuck. If you want to delete your Threads account you need to delete Instagram with it. Tough deal. Aimee+Shawn know a thing or two about signing a contract without reading it first.

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