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It was a week filled with comedy, tragedy and annoyance on Aimee+Shawn this week! Plus, Chad Kroeger joined the show! That was cool!

Nickelback is headed to Las Vegas this Saturday, July 15th for a stop on their tour. He had a chat with us before getting into town! Turns out he’s been having things thrown at him on stage for years. However, what is being thrown is more bound to make him blush than blemish.

Over the weekend, Shawn had a birthday party to go to and he wanted Amazon to deliver some gifts to him on the same day. He selected the gifts, the app said “same day delivery” and he hit order. Then it said it was coming the following day. He dealt with the dumbest set of events on the phone with customer service.

Aimee+Shawn put their heads together to come up with a list of things to let Jamie Foxx know about now that he’s up and about. We don’t know if he was in a coma, but we assume he was.

Aimee got some bad news from her best friend in New York. Her mom passed away, and Aimee wanted to make sure to get there for the wake and funeral. So she booked a flight on Frontier Airlines. While you think you know what happens next, what actually happened was way worse. She should have talked with Sammi first.

Knock, knock… who’s there? Metro. Metro who? Las Vegas Metro… uh oh. Why was a Metro detective knocking on Shawn’s door on Thursday?!

What’s happening on Aimee+Shawn next week?

Katy Perry is getting close to the end of her run at Resorts World! We’ve got tickets to catch her and tickets to, well, nearly everything else. Seriously! Live Nation “Summer’s Live” tickets that can get you into a slew of shows!

  • Losing Brain Cells With Amazon Customer Service

    All Shawn wanted was the same day delivery they had promised while he was ordering. What followed was nearly an hour of mind-numbingly stupid debate.

  • Why Are Some People Embarrassed To Save Money?

    It used to be that saving money was something you’d be proud to do. But some people decide to be mortified by whipping out the coupon book, a discount app or Groupons. Why?! What changed?

  • Who Decided Which Animals Are Cute And Which Are Eatable?

    OK so cows? Cook them for sure. Kill their kids too. Delicious. Horse? Too cute, save it. Chickens? Kill billions of them. Pigeons? What are you a monster? Cats?

  • The Craziest Things We've Seen In Las Vegas

    Hot on the heels of a man fighting a one-legged man on the Strip, then stripping butt naked and showing the world his goods… we think back to the crazy things we’ve seen in our days.

  • Pizza Hut Used To Be Great

    Going to Pizza Hut used to be an event! The salad bar! The dining room! Those frosted red cups! Now look at it. What happened to the red roofs we loved?

  • Wake Up Jamie Foxx, You've Missed A Lot!

    While we don’t know it to be true (mostly because there’s been a bunch of mixed messaging), we think Jamie Foxx was in pretty bad shape for a bit there. Heck, he could have been in a coma. Considering this possibility, we think about the stuff we’d have to tell Jamie when he came to.

  • Some Hotels Charging Tan Tax For Take Fan Stains

    Oh you weren’t born with beautiful, bronze skin? You need to go under the gun to get that perfect shade? Well it’s time to pony up for ruining the sheets in your hotel, you pale monster!

  • Steve Aoki's Dad Founded Benihana (And Other Famous Celebrity Parents)

    Not only is Steve Aoki’s dad the founder of Benihana, he’s probably the most interesting man who ever lived. When we learned this, we were blown away.

  • Las Vegas Parents Can Save BIG MONEY With This Pass

    Trying to keep our kids entertained while staying out of bankruptcy is not an easy task. Thankfully one of our listeners tipped us off on an amazing pass that’s laughably inexpensive that’ll have you doing it all!

  • Lazy Girl Jobs Trending On TikTok And Will ANNOY You

    You bust your ass every day. Meanwhile these girls goof off at work and make more than us. Should we hate them… or hate ourselves?

  • Cancelled Flights, Delays and Airline Annoyances

    It’s already bad enough going to the airport. But imagine going there and going nowhere. It happened to Aimee this morning and she is steamed. Who wouldn’t be?

  • Are Waffle Fries French Fries? The Great Debate...

    It is National French Fry Day! We talk about our favorite French Fries and have the debate: yes. Chick-fil-A waffle fries are great. But are they technically French fries?!

  • Shawn And Sammi Try TANGY KETCHUP DORITOS... Is The Review Good?

    Our listener Ken decided to drop off a bag of the trending Tangy Ketchup Doritos for us to try. Are these any good? Do you need to be a ketchup fiend to love them?

  • We LOVE Costco... But DON'T USE Your Spouse's Card Or You're BANNED!

    Kirkland brand forever. That’s Aimee’s M.O. But you gotta know the rules. You need a Visa, you need a membership card, and it better be your card. We talk about the rules and the peril of those who have broken them.

  • Las Vegas Detectives ON THE HUNT For Thief On SHAWN'S STREET

    A knock on the door led to a Metro detective leaving his card at the door. Why was he there? Because this guy was down the street looting a house. Ugh.

  • Aimee's Frontier Airlines Nightmare Put Someone In The Hospital

    All she wanted to do was fly to New York to be there for a friend going through a hard time. Well, Aimee got a hard time of her own overnight on Wednesday. Believe it or not it was an experience so bad, someone was led out on a stretcher!

  • Interview With NICKELBACK Frontman Chad Kroeger: Big Bras, Golden Knights And RETIREMENT?

    We cannot rave about Chad Kroeger enough. The Nickelback frontman gave us a little time while on tour, on the heels of Saturday’s show at T-Mobile Arena. Turns out, he’s a big Knights fan! At least this year.

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