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Wow, did a lot go down this week on Aimee+Shawn. Missing cash to the reopening of the 2Pac murder investigation. The death of a music icon to a new song that will certainly be forgotten. Plus why a doctor might “drop a dime” on Aimee and what the heck is a homing pigeon?!

Like we said, a lot!

Aimee was trying to do the right thing when she brought her boys to the doctor for a check-up. Sure, they were a little bit late since the last one, but better late than never! Except, that wasn’t the case. Aimee got dressed down about nearly everything she does with the boys. Now she’s worried she’s going to get a call from Child Protective Services.

Meanwhile, Shawn was just trying to have a fun adventure with his boys when he headed to Lee Canyon. But on the drive back, he noticed something laying in the street. When he swung around to investigate he saw a wallet. Loaded with cash, casino cards, but no legal ID. How would Shawn reunite its owner with the wallet? Simple. He’ll use the power of being an ultra-creep on the internet.

While Aimee has been getting up two hours before dawn all week, her friend has been in France. Not just in France, on the beach there. She’s texting humble brags to all of her friends, and Aimee has had it.

What landed in Shawn’s backyard? A frickin’ homing pigeon. What the heck is a homing pigeon anyways and why won’t it leave? Is it Shawn’s now? Should he name it?!

What’s coming up next week on Aimee+Shawn

To be honest, your guess is as good as ours! But we can promise there’ll be tons of giveaways and fun, so how about we just show up on Monday and we’ll figure it out together!

  • The Feed: Man Behind Viral Dress Pic Arrested On Attempted Murder Charge

    It takes a lot to make Shawn gasp, but Aimee did it! We found out the person behind the lens of that viral dress photo allegedly tried to kill his wife. Aimee’s take on this was… shocking.

  • Giving Your Cat Medicine - Guaranteed Serious Injury

    If you ever met Shawn’s cat Violet, you would think she was the sweetest. Super affectionate, gentle with kids, just the best cat. That is, until she needs to get medicine. Then she becomes a ninja and hates everyone.

  • Will The Doctor Call CPS On Aimee?

    Aimee was trying to do the right thing by bringing her boys to the doctor. Sure, the appointment was better late than never, right? Well… not quite. She got dressed down by the doc.

  • Youth Sports And The Drama That Ensues

    Shawn is on a “parent Facebook page” now and almost immediately was met with some drama happening on local baseball fields. While he is enjoying his young boys being in youth sports, he’s afraid the next few years are going to transform into an ugly scene.

  • Old Movies That Are Totally Unbelievable

    We love them, but we need to throw out our logical brain to watch them. The old movies that require you to suspend disbelief. Running away from home and entering a video game competition? A high schooler doing science experiments with an old scientist? C’mon.

  • Walking In On Someone In The Bathroom - Who Is More Embarrassed?

    All Aimee needed to do was go number 1. But when she walked into the bathroom at the restaurant, she was met face to face with a lady who already took residence on the throne. Somehow Aimee thinks she is more embarrassed than the woman on the loo.

  • A Homing Pigeon Is In Shawn's Backyard - What Is It?

    Well look what the…sky…dragged in? A homing pigeon showed up in Shawn’s yard and now he’s trying to figure out what to do with it. What is this thing, anyways?!

  • The Annoying Friend That Likes To Humble Brag

    Oh, poor Becky. We are so sorry that you’re buzzed on the coast of France. That must be so hard for you. Yuck!

  • Would You Return A Wallet With No ID And $400 Inside? SHAWN FOUND HIM!

    It was just going to be a fun trip to Mount Charleston… but on the drive back Shawn ran over something. He doubled back and saw it. A wallet! Loaded with cash! Could Shawn cyberstalk the guy and return his money? Turns out he did… check it out!

  • In Defense Of Miranda Lambert Stopping Vegas Show

    Listen, we know she isn’t known for being the nicest person. Time and again we hear about things she’s said and done that are abhorrent. But… on this one situation… we are siding with Miranda. Those girls were obnoxious.

  • Netflix With Ads Is PAINFUL! Why We Can't Watch Commercials Anymore

    Back in “the day,” watching commercials came with the territory. We can recall all the ads, informercials and jingles. Now? 10 seconds of ads and we lose it. Why is that?!

  • Celebrity Endorsed Products That Are Actually Good

    Despite being a huge fan, Aimee has no intention of buying Beyonce’s perfume. There are some products that celebrities are connected to however that are so good, you gotta get them.

  • Aimee's Update: Ariana Grande Dating Ethan Slater, Her "Wicked" Co-Star

    So… she just got divorced… and now Ariana Grande is with another person we’ve never heard of. Who is Ethan Slater and how’d he land her?

  • Stuff We'll Have To Explain To Our Grandkids

    One of these days, we’ll have grandkids. We’re going to have to explain “the olden days” of pigtailed phone cords, no cell phones and $1 gas.

  • RIP Tony Bennett And Musicians You Must See Before They Die

    It’s the death of an icon. Tony Bennett was the last of the old-school crooners that were undeniable. Now that he’s gone, it’s time to reflect on the musicians who we should see, or wish we saw, before they died.

  • First Listen To and Britney Spears "Mind Your Business"

    We go from a classic musician to a… well… it technically qualifies as music we think. We give the new and Britney song a try and suffer the consequences.

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