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Another week of Aimee+Shawn is in the books and this week is a special one – it’s back to school time! The kids are back in class, and back to listening every morning!

If you remember last year, Shawn’s son Colin was not a fan of going to Kindergarten. He was petrified of the change of routine and the mysterious new building he’d be going to every morning. Thankfully this year, Colin is in much better spirits heading towards first grade. Now Colin is giving the young Kindergarteners good advice as they enter school for the first time.

Meanwhile, Aimee brought a poem that was bringing the water works. It would have been easier to read if Shawn didn’t pipe in Sarah McLachlan during her reading.

Shawn has been looking around the house wondering where the money is going when it dawned on him: it’s the Goldfish crackers. He shares the one change he made that will be enough to pay for all of his streaming services all year.

Aimee had no idea that Hawaiian rolls weren’t only able to be baked but were suggested to be baked by the manufacturer. She’d never done so… are there any other instructions you’ve been avoiding reading all these years? Monopoly players, we are looking at you.

At Monster Jam over the weekend, Shawn and his family got up to let a man through to his seat… but he soon became enraged when he found out which seat he was headed to.

Plus, why Aimee’s head is always on a swivel just in case she’ll ever be needed to testify.

What’s going on next week on Aimee+Shawn?

More winning is on the way! Starting Monday, August 14th, we’ve got more four packs of tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain! Plus Duran Duran is coming to T-Mobile Arena later this month with their Future Past tour featuring Nile Rodgers & Chic and Bastille! We’ve got a pair of tickets for you every day starting Monday!

  • What Is The WORST GRADE To Go To In School

    It’s back to school time! What’s the worst grade to go to school? Middle school… you’re it.

  • Calming The Nerves Of Kids Nervous About The First Day Of School

    School can be SCARY especially if it’s your first year. Ask Colin, Shawn’s son. He was petrified about going to kindergarten. Now he’s entering 1st grade and is calming the nerves of kids entering school for the first time.

  • This One PARENTING HACK Could Save You Over $230 A YEAR Per Kid

    Chances are your kid eats Goldfish. A lot of them. Are you buying those little grab and go bags of them? If so, you’re losing HUNDREDS a year. Seriously. This one parenting hack will save so much, it’ll pay for Netflix the entire year. PER KID.

  • Poem About The First Day Of School That Makes Aimee Cry

    It’s already the first day of school, and Aimee is driven to the edge of tears reading a poem about this emotional day.

  • Slightly Annoying Things That Bother You For Days

    Shawn was at Monster Jam when a man asked him and his family to get up so he could go down their row. They obliged… then the man climbed over the seat in front of them to go to his seat. So he made his family get up so his family wouldn’t have to. WHY?!

  • Should You Bake Hawaiian Rolls Before You Eat Them?

    Aimee was amazed when she looked at her package of Hawaiian rolls and it says “to prepare” she should bake them. Baking Hawaiian rolls?! Is this the way?

  • Real Celebrities And Their Fake Names

    With Michael Jackson’s son Prince a.k.a. Blanket becoming “Biggie”, we look back at other celebrities who had a name change. And there are a BUNCH.

  • Aimee Wants To Be The Perfect Eyewitness For A Crime

    Everywhere Aimee goes, her eyes are darting everywhere, just in case she is ever needed to be the perfect eyewitness of a crime. But… she’s never needed it.

  • 911 Wait Times Are Long In Las Vegas

    There is a severe need for more staffing at 911 in Las Vegas. According to Fox 5, wait times average around 47 seconds and some wait far longer.

  • Moving Up From Freshman Team To JV

    Aimee is a proud mama! Her son Jayden just went from the Freshman football team to JV in his freshman year!

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