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So much transpired on the air on Aimee+Shawn this week… and even more transpired off the air. It was meeting week! Monday, a meeting. Tuesday, two meetings! During the second meeting, Shawn’s big corporate boss called him a “pain in the ass”. What a perfect way to slide into Labor Day Weekend! Let’s go!

While we think we had a bad day in the office, an RTC bus driver had a really bad day over the weekend. Wait until you hear the random place Shawn bumped into an extra-long bus trying to pull a u-turn.

Aimee got some sweet braids put in for the Beyoncé show, but on the first go her hairdresser put them in uneven. Did she say anything? No. Why?!

It was a well meaning moment at the indoor play place with Shawn’s son Colin, but something he said had him putting his hands over his face.

Aimee is dealing with parental backlash for her “egg crack challenge” video with her younger son Roman. Viewers worldwide are dunking on her, but she welcomes the haters.

Those meetings, by the way, were about So if you are here, thank you. Shawn talks about his 20 minute rant. If you want to do your part to lower Shawn’s blood pressure, be sure to watch every video on this page and spend hours on it. Thanks. (Ding.)

Finally, we learn that Aimee understands nearly nothing about how her car works.

What is coming up next week on Aimee+Shawn?

It’s a three day weekend for us, and hopefully for you as well! When we get back to it on Tuesday, we are blowing out our remaining Ed Sheeran tickets! He is playing Allegiant Stadium on Saturday, September 9th, and we have a pair of tickets every hour between 6-10am… plus Sammi will have a pair every hour in the afternoon! It’s a red (head) alert!

  • Seeing Something That Doesn't Belong There

    Why… the hell… was a bus trying to take a u-turn at Red Rock Canyon?! Shawn bumped into this over the weekend and is baffled as to why it was there.

  • All Time Great Announcer Jinx At Little League World Series

    It was one of the best announcer jinx moments of all time at the Little League World Series over the weekend. What happened at the LLWS happens all the time!

  • When Your Hairdresser Messes Up And You Say Nothing

    Aimee got braids put in and they were clearly not even… but she decided not to say anything to the hairdresser. WHY?!

  • The Internet Judging Aimee For Egg Crack Challenge TikTok Video

    After her egg crack challenge TikTok upload last week, parents from around the world are judging Aimee for betraying her son. She says… bring them on.

  • Shawn Learns To Never Assume Gender

    He means well. He really does. But Shawn called a boy a girl yesterday and he feels really guilty. Why he’ll never assume gender again.

  • Aimee Is Convinced Her Husband Left Her For Dead

    She was a hot mess leaving the house this morning. Her dog was barking like mad. But he didn’t get a concerned text from her husband until half an hour later. If this had been an actual emergency, she’d be dead.

  • Forgetting To Turn Your Car Off And Other Car Mishaps

    Aimee left her car on for an hour after forgetting to turn her car off. What are your biggest car mishaps?

  • Meetings! Meetings Everywhere!

    Corporate was in talking about the amazing journalism we are doing at (click and scroll)… Shawn was ON ONE in the meetings. His big boss flat out called him a pain in the ass.

  • Door To Door Salesmen And How To Avoid Them

    Audio of a door to door salesman giving a high pressure pitch to a woman at her home is going viral. How do you avoid salesmen?

  • Do You Tip 20 Percent On Someone Handing A Can To You?

    We discuss tip creep, expensive concession stands and tipping. Do you tip 20% for handing you a can of White Claw? Yes? No?

  • Does A Mamas Boy Make A Good Partner?

    Aimee’s friend is concerned about her new boyfriend and his close relationship with his momma and sister. Are mama’s boys good partners or is this a red flag?

  • Parking Lot Etiquette And Overcompensating Truck Drivers

    The parking lot at Shawn’s son’s school got a bit stupid after a lifted truck driver was inconsiderate. Are all lifted truck drivers overcompensating?

  • How Do You Turn The Windshield Wipers On In Your Car??

    It doesn’t rain much in Las Vegas. So little in fact that Aimee flat out doesn’t understand how to turn on her windshield wipers. How do you do it?!

  • JCPenney Spending A Billion Dollars To Improve... Is It Too Late?

    It is a brand that has been around forever, but most haven’t walked into for years. Is it too late for JCPenney to improve their business? What other businesses were too late to recover?

  • What Was Your First Job And What Do You Do Now?

    Aimee’s first job was in the service industry and now she is in radio. What did those jobs have in common?

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