The show made it into the double digits this week! And they said it wouldn’t last! Who is they? Eh, doesn’t matter.

The week started with a much-needed win for Aimee in the Lock Of The Week™, where Aim takes on Shawn’s 4 and 5 year old in football picks. Will she make up even more ground with this weekend’s picks?

Shawn was worried there was a food-stealer in the VGS studios. Thankfully, his delicious sausage rolls were found and returned to their rightful owner (Shawn’s mouth). But it got the pair talking about sticky fingered filchers in our past lives.

Aimee damn near lost her mind when she realized Yellowstone wouldn’t be streaming on Paramount+ as it had in prior seasons. Our listeners have plenty of options for her to watch. Not many of them were legal, but we applaud the effort!

Taylor Swift. Wow. Let’s talk about that. The presale disaster and the damage that ensued. We talked about it… and just so happened to have Taylor tickets all this past week. We also got five listeners qualified to come into the studio, stick their fist into a turkey’s butt and pull out tickets to some of the hottest tickets of the year! Taylor! P!nk! Ed! We’ve got them all!

We got into a serious conversation about tracking your spouse on your phone. Aimee really wants to see where Patrick is at all times. Patrick isn’t having it. Shawn seems to agree with Patrick, but a lot of listeners don’t see the problem in keeping track of where your loved one is at all times. Is it for safety… or is it an obsession?

One mom on TikTok took some well deserved time out for herself, and was only able to get a couple minutes before her work from home husband ruined her moment. We talk about “Hurtful Helping” and why it’s OK to stop trying to be “super mom” and keep up with what you see on social media.

Then finally, we catch back up with Dwight in AI Story Time. He went from being the only person counting Nevada’s cast ballots to, arguably, a more important job. Let’s say it didn’t go well.

Enjoy your weekend, and we’ll see you next week for a short Turkey Day week!

  • Lock Of The Week: Week 10 Results

    It’s been a rough go for Aimee… but this weekend she made up a little distance.

  • At-Work Food Thieves

    Is there anything worse than co-workers that steal your food? No. The answer is no.

  • The Eggs Were Over Easy

    Aimee’s kid had a sleepover and was too afraid to object to eating eggs prepared a way he despises.

  • Is Shawn's Kid Too Young To Play Minecraft?

    Shawn’s oldest, Colin, is asking to play Minecraft. While Shawn wants to be the cool dad, he doesn’t want to lose his kid to technology.

  • How Can You Stream 'Yellowstone'?!

    Aimee damn near lost it when she realized her favorite TV show was not available on a streaming service that it used to be on.

  • Aimee Is Obsessed With True Crime

    No, seriously. She watches crime trials at work more than she’s willing to admit.

  • Aimee's About Ready To Kill Her Dog

    We may want to do a status check on Aimee’s pup, because if she eats any more human food off the table Aimee might be put up on charges.

  • Buying Taylor Swift Tickets Was Painful

    It’s them. Ticketmaster. They’re the problem. It’s them.

  • Dealing With Your Crying Kid In The Toy Aisle

    It’s a tough decision for a parent. Buy them the gift so they stop screaming, or, you know, be a parent.

  • Favorite Holiday Flicks

    Yeah, the holidays are already here! It’s got us in our feels for the classic movies we have to watch year after year.

  • Living In Las Vegas Means You're A Travel Agent Now

    Why does every out of town friend think you’re Expedia?

  • Location Tracking Your Significant Other

    Sure, you want to make sure your loved one is safe. But… is it creepy to expect to see your significant others location at every… waking… moment? Listeners sound off.

  • Shawn's Son Had His First School Lockdown

    Every parent with a kid in school has gotten the text. Shawn just got his first.

  • TV and Movie Homes You'd Want To Live In

    We all agree, it’s the Home Alone house, right?

  • It's OK To Not Be Super Mom

    A TikTok mom introduces us to the premise of “Helpful Hurting”.

  • AI Story Time: Dwight Runs Ticketmaster's Taylor Swift Presale Into The Ground

    Last week, Dwight was counting the votes ever so slowly for the state of Nevada… this week? Well… let’s just say his new job isn’t going well.

  • Lock Of The Week: Week 11 Picks

    Will Aimee make up some distance between her and Shawn’s young boys in football bets?