Sammi Reeves

Competition makes the world go ’round. And Las Vegas is home to numerous top-notch bakeries vying for your business. However, three top local bakers have joined forces to make their Food Network debut as a team!

Korey Wells with Whiskful Thinking Cakes, Christy Horner with ROCKsugar Custom Cakes, and Kristen Hutton with Decorate Me will showcase their baking skills as they work together as a team in the third season of the “Big Bake Halloween” show on the Food Network.

While this dynamic trio is ready to make their team television debut, each of them have their own journeys that have gotten them to this point in their careers. According to the Whiskful Thinking Cakes website, Korey Wells actually started off as an illustrator. She ultimately turned her “paint and brushes in for buttercream and spatulas” and feels she has found her true passion. Christy Horner of ROCKsugar Custom Cakes caught the bug for baking when she was just a child, serving funnel cakes with her family, who owned the Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Company. Kristen Hutton started out in her home kitchen and quickly self-taught her way to becoming a well-known pastry chef on the Las Vegas Strip. Each of them have lived such different journeys, but I think their varying experiences bring so many unique ideas and such fun energy to the table.

I’ve been obsessed with baking competition shows my whole life, but having three local bakers compete together as a team has brought on a new sense of personal investment. All three are so talented and deserve to bring the dub back to Las Vegas!

Curious to see just how amazing their work is? Get ready for your mind to be blown. Check out creations from each of their individual bakeries below, as well as contact info!