Sammi Reeves

I’m competitive to the max, and I consider myself the queen of target sports and rec activities. I’m always down for a game of pool or cornhole, a venture to the bowling alley (yes, I own my own bowling shoes), and, at the top of my favs, a trip to play mini golf. There’s not much I love more than playing some putt putt. In my book, World Mini Golf Day is a calendared holiday.

World Mini Golf Day is celebrated every year on the same day: September 21st. For those that haven’t experienced the pleasures of the miniature clubs and neon golf balls before, mini golf is, unsurprisingly, similar to golf itself. However, mini golf focuses on the putting part. Aka the most frustrating part of golf. There’s nothing quite like going on a vacation with your family and watching everyone lose it over their ball missing the hole that’s only a mere two feet away. It’s a game that drives everyone mad. It’s a game that induces an emotional roller coaster upon all with a putter in their hand. But ultimately, more than anything, it’s an extremely fun social game and fairly inexpensive most of the time.

While my love for the miniature sport has taken me to several different putt putt locations across the country, I have to say, Las Vegas has some of my favorites. I’ve scoured Vegas for the best mini golf spots this city has to offer. In the six years I’ve lived here, I’ve gone on many dates and numerous outings with friends that have exposed me to several amazing, colorful courses with some super cool themes. It’s only right that I share these spots with you in honor of World Mini Golf Day.

Check out the best mini golf spots in Las Vegas: