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Anyone who has ever flown during the holidays knows that it can be a special kind of hell.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re about to embark on a holiday travel adventure. And if you’re anything like me, that means hours spent in airports and even more time cramped in an airplane seat. From dealing with packed airports to spending hours crammed into a tiny seat, holiday travel is not for the faint of heart. And while I can’t promise that flying during the holidays will ever be fun, I can at least offer a little bit of advice for what NOT to do on your voyage this year.

Thanks to The Daily Record, we now have a list of the 5 biggest holiday travel annoyances. The Daily Record asked their readers to list their top travel pet peeves, and their readers certainly hit the nail on the head. These were not one-time travelers. Nay, nay. These people have seen some stuff. Experienced some junk. These people knew what they were talking about.

Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel. I even love flying… so long as the conditions are bearable. Traveling amongst inconsiderate folk… I could live without. It can create a travel experience that is uncomfortable, stressful, and just downright annoying. Please. I beg of thee. Be aware of your surroundings and those you’re sharing a space with. Traveling is tough. Don’t make the experience even more challenging for everyone.

So whether you’re already in the thick of holiday travel for Thanksgiving this week, or just starting to get mentally prepared for your travels over the next couple of months, read on for a little bit of comic relief (and, more importantly, a little bit of wisdom). Don’t be one of these travelers. Please.

The Top 5 Holiday Travel Pet Peeves:

  • 5) "Passengers, Who Get Up Before The Seatbelt Signs Are Off"

    Fasten Seatbelt Sign

    This. I mentally cannot handle this. And I can’t figure it out. Do these people just not pay enough attention to know they aren’t supposed to be unbuckled, or do they just think they’re the single exception to the rules? Like… Excuse me? Where do you think you’re going? We’re on an aircraft… And you’re in a rush to go WHERE?! Sit down. GAH.

  • 4) "Armrest Hogs"

    Airplane Armrest

    When I ride as a passenger on planes, I make a conscious effort to give those seated on my side(s) the majority of the armrest. Because how awful is it to not be able to rest your arms for the entire duration of a flight? Pretty miserable. But others are not that mindful. And it’s annoying. And I really can’t stand it.

  • 3) "Those Who Talk Too Loudly On Smartphones"

    Airplane Phone Call

    I just have one question… WHO ARE YOU YELLING AT? They can hear you. And so can everyone at the gate/on the plane. Please. Be respectful of everyone you’re sharing the space with. We don’t want to hear your conversation.

  • 2) "Adults, Who Inconsiderately Recline Their Seats"

    Airplane Recline

    I’m not sure what exactly is MOST annoying about this one – the fact that you can’t move a muscle when the person in front of you does this, or the fact that they are that unaware and inconsiderate of the possibility of a passenger behind them. Please don’t be this traveler just so you can lay back 180 degrees and snooze the flight away. By all means, recline your chair slightly. But please don’t ruin another traveler’s experience. We’re all in this travel game together this holiday season.

  • 1) "Kids, Who Kick Seats"

    Kid Airplane

    Having your back kicked repeatedly on a four hour flight? Yeah… Nothing will make you consider searching for a parachute on that plane faster than repetitive kicks to the lumbar. So miserable, and lowkey PAINFUL! To all travelers – please keep your feet off of the back of the seats!

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    Pack Your Things! Top 10 States People Are Moving To (And From)

    Some people are “born and raised”. They were born, they stayed put, they didn’t change a thing. Then there are others that get bored of the same ol’ and pack up their lives to see what else the world has to offer. Turns out there’s a lot of people setting their sights on Nevada (although not as much as a few years ago).

    According to a survey, along with Census Bureau data compiled by, it turns out there’s an exodus, particularly in the northeast, to head to warmer climates. “No kidding,” you say. We know, that’s nothing new, but the list is changing.

    Only 5 years ago, in 2017, Nevada found itself near the top of the chart: number 4 in the list of states getting inbound moves. Utah was way down in 41st place. Florida and Texas at 12 and 15 respectively.

    Here we are in 2022, and Nevada has slid to 10th on the list of states people are moving to. Utah jumped way up to 9th on the list. Florida and Texas are now atop the list.

    Why are people moving?

    According to the CraftJack study, jobs are at the top of the list. Not to mention, COVID really changed the landscape for people – no longer locked to their office chair and able to work from anywhere. Other reasons included moving closer to family, a lower cost of living, wanting warmer weather or just flat out wanting something new.

    Where do people want to move to? California is 2nd on the list, despite it being the number one state people are leaving in the study. Something tells us the “cost of living” category is playing heavily here. Colorado topped the list.

    So, here’s the list of states people are moving to and from… we know a guy with a dolly if you need help moving boxes.

    • #1 MOVING TO: Florida

      Zillow Home Value: $358,018 (18th)
      Median Income: $57,703 (36th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 1.8% (45th)
      Education Ranking: 3rd
      Average High (Summer):
      81 (3rd)
      Average High (Winter): 59.4 (2nd)

    • #1 MOVING FROM: California

      Zillow Home Value: $760,800 (2nd)
      Median Income: $78,672 (6th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 11.56% (1st)
      Education Ranking: 20th
      Average High (Summer):
      73.4 (17th)
      Average High (Winter): 46.2 (8th)

    • #2 MOVING TO: Texas

      Zillow Home Value: $289,896 (28th)
      Median Income: $63,826 (20th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 1.88% (44th)
      Education Ranking: 34th
      Average High (Summer):
      81.1 (T-1st)
      Average High (Winter): 47.9 (4th)

    • #2 MOVING FROM: New York

      Zillow Home Value: $382,663 (16th)
      Median Income: $71,117 (13th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 7.37% (7th)
      Education Ranking: 16th 
      Average High (Summer):
      66.5 (39th)
      Average High (Winter): 23.3 (38th)

    • #3 MOVING TO: Arizona

      Zillow Home Value: $416,433 (12th)
      Median Income: $61,529 (27th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 4.86% (33rd)
      Education Ranking: 46th
      Average High (Summer):
      78.1 (10th)
      Average High (Winter): 43.6 (10th)

    • #3 MOVING FROM: Illinois

      Zillow Home Value: $253,433 (35th)
      Median Income: $68,428 (16th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 5.38% (27th)
      Education Ranking: 11th
      Average High (Summer):
      73.4 (17th)
      Average High (Winter): 28.3 (32nd)

    • #4 MOVING TO: North Carolina

      Zillow Home Value: $296,021 (26th)
      Median Income: $56,642 (38th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 5.48% (23rd)
      Education Ranking: 7th
      Average High (Summer):
      75.7 (12th)
      Average High (Winter): 42.1 (11th)

    • #4 MOVING FROM: Massachusetts

      Zillow Home Value: $559,312 (5th)
      Median Income: $84,385 (3rd)
      Top Weighted Tax: 5.51% (21st)
      Education Ranking: 2nd
      Average High (Summer):
      68 (35th)
      Average High (Winter): 27.4 (34th)

    • #5 MOVING TO: South Carolina

      Zillow Home Value: $269,186 (32nd)
      Median Income: $54,864 (40th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 6.7% (13th)
      Education Ranking: 44th
      Average High (Summer):
      78.4 (9th)
      Average High (Winter): 46.1 (9th)

    • #5 MOVING FROM: New Jersey

      Zillow Home Value: $441,762 (9th)
      Median Income: $85,245 (2nd)
      Top Weighted Tax: 8.38 (4th)
      Education Ranking: 1st
      Average High (Summer):
      72.2 (22nd)
      Average High (Winter): 33 (21st)

    • #6 MOVING TO: Tennessee

      Zillow Home Value: $276,963 (31st)
      Median Income: $54,833 (41st)
      Top Weighted Tax: 2.1% (42nd)
      Education Ranking: 33rd
      Average High (Summer):
      75.6 (13th)
      Average High (Winter): 39.1 (13th)

    • #6 MOVING FROM: Louisiana

      Zillow Home Value: $205,972 (41st)
      Median Income: $50,800 (47th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 5.4% (T-25th)
      Education Ranking: 48th
      Average High (Summer):
      81.1 (T-1st)
      Average High (Winter): 50.9 (3rd)

    • #7 MOVING TO: Georgia

      Zillow Home Value: $295,159 (27th)
      Median Income: $61,224 (28th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 5.4% (T-25th)
      Education Ranking: 26th
      Average High (Summer):
      78.7 (7th)
      Average High (Winter): 47.8 (5th)

    • #7 MOVING FROM: Maryland

      Zillow Home Value: $390,608 (15th)
      Median Income: $87,063 (1st)
      Top Weighted Tax: 5.82% (19th)
      Education Ranking: 14th
      Average High (Summer):
      73.3 (19th)
      Average High (Winter): 34.7 (19th)

    • #8 MOVING TO: Idaho

      Zillow Home Value: $466,435 (8th)
      Median Income: $58,915 (33rd)
      Top Weighted Tax: 6.98% (9th)
      Education Ranking: 29th
      Average High (Summer):
      63.7 (46th)
      Average High (Winter): 25.4 (37th)

    • #8 MOVING FROM: Hawaii

      Zillow Home Value: $848,926 (1st)
      Median Income: $83,173 (4th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 8.9% (3rd)
      Education Ranking: 27th
      Average High (Summer):
      72.2 (22nd)
      Average High (Winter): 67.4 (1st)

    • #9 MOVING TO: Utah

      Zillow Home Value: $544,868 (6th)
      Median Income: $74,197 (11th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 4.91% (32nd)
      Education Ranking: 10th
      Average High (Summer):
      69.6 (30th)
      Average High (Winter): 28.2 (33rd)

    • #9 MOVING FROM: Minnesota

      Zillow Home Value: $323,515 (23rd)
      Median Income: $73,382 (12th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 8.96% (2nd)
      Education Ranking: 17th
      Average High (Summer):
      66.8 (36th)
      Average High (Winter): 12.4 (48th)

    • #10 MOVING TO: Nevada

      Zillow Home Value: $434,832 (10th)
      Median Income: $62,043 (25th)
      Top Weighted Tax: 2.05% (43rd)
      Education Ranking: 40th
      Average High (Summer):
      69 (32nd)
      Average High (Winter): 32.2 (25th)

    • #10 MOVING FROM: Michigan

      Zillow Home Value: $225,324 (38th)
      Median Income: $59,234 (32nd)
      Top Weighted Tax: 4.77% (35th)
      Education Ranking: 38th 
      Average High (Summer):
      66.2 (19th)
      Average High (Winter): 21.7 (39th)

    Las Vegas Is The Fifth Most Romantic City In America, Study Finds

    In case you needed another reason to plan a trip to Las Vegas, a new study from Travel Lens has found that Las Vegas is the fifth most romantic city in America.

    The study looked at several factors, including the number of fine dining restaurants, couples activities, romantic hotels, and searches for date ideas. So whether you’re planning a weekend getaway with your significant other or looking for a place to pop the question, you might want to consider Sin City.

    What Exactly Makes Vegas So Romantic?

    Of course, one of the main reasons why Las Vegas is such a popular destination for couples is because of the myriad of things to do. Whether you want to see a Cirque du Soleil show on the strip, gamble your heart out at one of the numerous casinos in town, or take a luxurious gondola ride through The Venetian, there’s truly something for everyone and every couple. The dating game is never boring here, even for locals who have “done it all.” There’s always a new sight or attraction to explore here.

    And let’s not forget about the food! With world-renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Wolfgang Puck calling Las Vegas home, you can be sure that you’ll find some amazing fine dining options. From delicious breakfast and brunch eateries to a plethora of unique dessert spots, Vegas offers the perfect variety of options for all meals, ensuring that each couple experiences their absolute favorites. As they say… The way to their heart is through their stomach!

    There are also plenty of romantic hotels to choose from if you’re looking for a place to stay. If you want something with a view, the Eiffel Tower Suite at Paris Las Vegas overlooks the entire city. Or if you’re looking for something a little more low-key (but no less luxurious), try Caesars Palace’s Garden of Gods Pool Oasis, where you can lounge in one of seven different pools surrounded by Roman sculptures. No matter what your taste, there’s sure to be a hotel in Las Vegas that’s perfect for you and your special someone.

    Curious which U.S. cities ranked higher than Las Vegas?

    Scroll to see the top 5 most romantic cities in America!

    • 5) Las Vegas, NV

      Las Vegas Shows
      With the explanation above, not much more can be said about the endless romantic potential that lives in Las Vegas. If you’ve never visited Sin City, book tickets with your partner and explore the romance of the city for yourself!

    • 4) Portland, OR

      Portland, OR
      Having visited the beautiful city of Portland myself, I can speak to it’s undoubted appeal to lovers. Romance is naturally in the air, as Portland received a very high score when it comes to available “couples activities.” No matter your and your partners likes and interests, there is definitely an activity for you and your special someone to enjoy together.

    • 3) Minneapolis, MN

      Minneapolis Skyline
      The stunning city of Minneapolis actually tied for second place when it comes to romantic US cities. According to Travel Lens, “Famed for its tall buildings and cityscape skyline, the city is abundant with water with 13 lakes, wetlands, the Mississippi River, creeks and waterfalls, making it the perfect couple’s vacation spot. Minneapolis also scored highly for its romantic, fine dining restaurants!

    • 2) Miami, FL

      The city of Miami is home to romantic beaches and incredible nightlife. Tied for second with Minneapolis, Miami is one of the top tourist destinations in Florida, and the city scored the highest of the U.S. cities in its number of romantic hotels and its fine dining establishments.

    • 1) New York City, NY

      New York City, NY
      Taking home the first place trophy is the fabulous New York City. Home to an endless number of attractions for couples, this city is perfect in every romantic way. New York City ranked highly in every category, from couples attractions and fine dining, to romantic hotels and the highest number of Google searches for date ideas.

    • Least Romantic: Virginia Beach, VA

      Virginia Beach, VA
      The BONUS you didn’t know you were getting, but it’s seriously too good not to share. The least romantic U.S. city in America is Virginia Beach, and I have no words. This is so ironic considering Virginia’s state slogan is “Virginia is for lovers!”

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      7 Cheap Date Ideas In Las Vegas

      Dating can be hard enough, but add crippling inflation to the pre-existing pressures, and the thought of paying for dates can have you feeling pretty discouraged.

      According to a new survey by Plenty of Fish, 48% of singles are going on budget-friendly dates because of inflation and the poor economy. Who can actually afford expensive, extra classy dates in this day and age? Not many.

      With gas prices souring into a new millennium, the cost of eating out blasting through the roof, and inflation causing brutal up hikes on nearly everything, one might find the thought of playing the dating game a bit stressful. Because, yeah. I think the topic of “money” has all of us at peak stress levels right now.

      However, the good news is… we’re all experiencing these massive price increases together. We’re all in the same boat, and we’re all feeling the same pain.

      Las Vegas is also home to some pretty spectacular opportunity for adventure and fun. Sure, there’s all of the fun, expensive touristy stuff to do. But Vegas is so much ore than that.

      It’s important to remember that lavish dinners and grand outings are not the only way to a potential lover’s heart. After all, it’s not necessarily about what you’re doing – it’s about who you’re doing it with, right?

      Low-budget dates might not be your typical bread and butter, but for those of us that are feeling the stress and burden of the ridiculous cost-of-living nowadays, a night out with good company and an inexpensive price tag couldn’t sound more appealing.

      For Las Vegas locals that feel like they’ve done it all… think again. The keys are creativity, an open mind, and a willingness to branch out and maybe try something new. What adventures can be had in the beautiful city of Las Vegas that wont break the bank?

      Check out these 7 Cheap Date Ideas In Las Vegas:


      • 7) Stargazing

        StargazingA date that you can pull off with solely the cost of driving to and from your decided destination, stargazing is the perfect outing for you and that special someone. Choose a location just outside of the valley, like Mt. Charleston or Red Rock Canyon, and you’re sure to see some pretty amazing stars and pretty spectacular views.

        It’s the perfect date for chatting and truly getting to know the one by your side, and this date is fully customizable in some pretty fun ways. Grab some blankets, pack a few snacks, and you’re golden!

      • 6) Pickleball

        If you and your date are feeling a little sporty, why not try out a fun sport like pickleball? You don’t have to be a pro to play this game, and trust me… It’s a ton of fun!

        Pick up a cheap set of pickleball paddles and balls, and head out to a free, public pickleball court. Several pickleball courts have popped up around town, and if you live within the Vegas Valley, there shouldn’t be one too far from you.

      • 5) "The $20 Date"

        This one is definitely one of my favorite low-budget dates, and there’s several ways to go about it.

        Head to a store like Dollar Tree or Five Below, where items are guaranteed to be pretty inexpensive. Give your partner a designated amount to spend in the store, and give youself a designated amount to spend as well. Then, set some fun criteria for the allotted cash.

        For a date that you might not know much about yet, you could say “Spend this $10 on your favorite must-haves for a movie night, and I’ll pick out my favorites with my $10.” They might pick out a cheap blanket, their favorite snack, and a couple boxes of candy, and you’ll have your goodies too. This is a good date idea to learn some fun facts about each other, and the process of deciding how to spend your $10 is a blast!

        For partners that know each other pretty well, you could say, “Spend this $10 on things you think I’d like, and I’ll do the same with the other $10.” The results are sure to end in a great time and some good laughs. Stores with guaranteed low-price items always seem to have some funky inventory sitting on their shelves, and the element of surprise adds to the fun and giggles that are sure to come.

      • 4) Explore A Local Park

        Vegas has a TON of parks, and each one has their unique offerings.

        You never know what you might find or get into at one of our many fabulous parks! Visit the ducks at Sunset Park, or take a couple of fishing poles and some bait to the pond at Lorenzi Park.

        If you and your date both have dogs, you could even bring your pooches along for the outing and stop by the dog park (many local parks have them)! No matter what side of town you’re on, our local Las Vegas parks offer some beautiful scenery, fun activities, and, at the very least, a great path for walkin’ and talkin’.

      • 3) Drive-In Movie

        Drive-In Movie
        There’s just something that hits different about seeing a movie at the drive in… Oh wait! Maybe it’s that fat wad of cash you save by not seeing it at a movie theater. Yeah, that might be it.

        For the perfect, old school date night, head to the West Wind Las Vegas Drive-In. It’s located on the north west side of town and features all of the latest movies.  General admission tickets are typically $8.50 for ages 12 and up, and if you’re trying to go on a date on a weeknight, Tuesdays are only $6.00 per person for “Family Fun Night.” Cha-Ching!

      • 2) Bingo

        Listen. If you’ve gone and played bingo in the company of someone you’re fond of, you know this is a dang good time. And if you haven’t… give this date idea a shot. Just trust me. You’re missing out.

        Choose the budget-friendly options as far as the bingo cards and packages you choose, and daub away! One of you might even walk away a big BINGO winner with some extra cash in your pocket!

      • 1) DIY Romantic Dinner

        DinnerFor those looking for something with a little extra flavor of romance, planning your own romantic dinner in is the perfect option.

        Pour a couple glasses of wine, light some candles, and cook your date a spectacular meal (or even better, cook it together)! You can really do it up, or you can keep it more casual if you prefer. There’s no better restaurant in town, and probably not a cheaper one either. Bon appétit!

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        10 Las Vegas Holiday Events That Will Bring You Joy

        December is approaching fast and to embrace the celebratory spirit, you have to check out these Las Vegas holiday events!

        If one thing is always true, it’s that Vegas never does anything in halves. The holidays are no exception! From mazes to botanical gardens to 100-foot-tall Christmas trees, Christmas in Las Vegas is an experience unlike any other. Come on down and be wowed by the variety of adventures the city has to offer. Vegas hardly ever gets snow, but unpack those Christmas sweaters because 2022 is going to look like a Hallmark movie come to life.

        This is Vegas like you’ve never seen it before. Be amazed by the duality of the town they’ve dubbed the the neon capital of the world.

        Maybe you’re in the mood for a bit of the adult-exclusive fun that Vegas is known for? We’ve got you covered with a selection of pop-up bars that will quench your thirst and put a little bit of holiday pep in your step. Get ready for a Yuletide spectacle that you could only find in an entertainment mecca; capture memories that will make you the envy of everyone back home.

        Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more family-friendly? In that case, we have an abundance of events, exhibits, and holiday shows that are perfect for the entire crew. Eat, shop, and even meet Santa — make the holiday season a vacation-long event that will have you counting down the days until next year. You’ll never want to leave!

        And who knows, maybe you’ll even start a new tradition.

        Regardless of what you’re looking for, there is something for everyone’s palate. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Old Saint Nick, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with all of the options available.

        Las Vegas Holiday Events HERE:

        • Glittering Lights @ The Las Vegas Motor Speedway

          Address: 7000 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89115

          Experience Christmas in all its glory. Lights, lights, and more lights! The Las Vegas Motor Speedway transforms into a magical, mystical winter wonderland at The Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The best part? A portion of the proceeds go to local children’s charities. Take in the breathtaking lights AND help the local community. It’s the best of both worlds!

          Tickets: You can find more information HERE.

        • Miracle on Spring Mountain @ The Sand Dollar Lounge

          Address: 3355 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102

          Perhaps you’re in the mood for some sweet treats? Miracle on Spring Mountain has you covered! This one-of-a-kind Christmas escapade runs from November 22 to December 31 on a first come, first serve basis, so if you’re planning on going, get there quick! Come on down and experience Christmas in Vegas at its finest.

          Tickets: For more information about this event HERE.

        • Enchant @ Resorts World Las Vegas

          Address: Resorts World Las Vegas 3000 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109

          Boasting the world’s largest Christmas light maze and village, Enchant on the Strip is the kind of event that we all have to experience at least once. With delicious holiday treats provided by Resorts World restaurants, a marketplace, and a 100 (!) foot tall Christmas tree, it’s fun that everyone can enjoy. If you’re in town during the holidays, grab your coat and enjoy.

          Tickets: More information about tickets HERE.

        • Merry Crimson @ Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

          Address: 11011 W Charleston Blvd Red Rock Casino Resort Spa Las Vegas, NV 89135

          The holidays are all about family, but when you’re in Vegas, you want to have a little bit of adult-friendly fun. We have the answer for you: Merry Crimson! With live music, festive drinks, and a cozy atmosphere, this event is the definition of Instagrammable. Though it is currently going through renovations, we’re waiting for more details with bated breath.

        • The Ice Rink @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

          Address: Boulevard Tower, 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S Level 4, Las Vegas, NV 89109

          The Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan is a small slice of winter living rights here in the Mojave desert. Starting November 15, The Boulevard Pool is transformed in a winter paradise, complete with real ice! Show off your moves on the rink, roast marshmallows with your friends and family, or simply relax and enjoy the view with specially curated seasonal food and drinks.

          Tickets: The Ice Rink comes back November 15 and runs through January 2. Click HERE for everything they have to offer.

        • Enchant @ The Las Vegas Ballpark

          Address: 1650 South Pavilion Center Drive – Las Vegas, NV 89135

          The second location — because yes, it does need a second location, thank you very much — for the Enchant event, Enchant at The Las Vegas Ballpark offers an equally huge, awe-inspiring maze and Christmas village that is sure to entertain the whole family. If you’re tired of the Strip, head on down to Summerlin and enjoy live entertainment, delicious goodies, and a cheery ambience.

          Tickets: This event start November 25 and runs through January 1. To get a full list of everything they have to offer and to buy your tickets now, click HERE!

        • Tournament of Kings: 'Twas The Knight @ Excalibur Hotel & Casino

          Address: Tournament of Kings Arena · Located in Excalibur · Las Vegas, Nevada

          Eat, drink, and be merry with this holly jolly holiday show! The best in dinner theater, long-running “Tournament of Kings” transforms its everyday show into something truly magical for the festive season. Enjoy a holiday-themed dinner and watch this limited edition performance.

          Tickets: It starts November 23 and runs through Christmas day, so make sure to catch it next time you’re in town. Get your tickets HERE.

        • Santa In The Shipwreck @ Mandalay Bay

          Address: Shark Reef Aquarium · Located in Mandalay Bay · Las Vegas, NV

          Christmas isn’t complete without Santa Claus and boy, does Mandalay Bay have your covered. Located at the Shark Reef Aquarium, “Santa In The Shipwreck” offers a truly unique way to . Meet Santa and his helper, Santa Jaws. Tell him all your last-minute holiday wishes and make your dreams come true. Children under 12 get a FREE — zero dollars! — picture with child admission to the Shark Reef Aquarium!

          Tickets: Come see Santa on weekends from December 1 through Christmas Eve. More details will be available closer to Christmastime.

        • Holiday Cactus Garden Lights @ Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden

          Address: 2 Cactus Garden Dr, Henderson, NV 89014

          Have you ever been to a cactus garden? Have you ever been to a cactus garden during Christmastime? Well, come on down to Ethel M’s and find out what it’s all about. Enjoy the cactus garden, decorated stunningly in hundreds of lights, and enjoy the yummy chocolatey treats that Ethel M is famous for. You won’t get more Las Vegas than this, so check it out!

          Tickets: No reservations necessary! This event starts November 4 and runs through January 1. More information HERE.

        • Snow Carnival @ M Resort Spa Casino

          Address: 12300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Henderson, NV 89044

          Snowflakes? In Vegas? You better believe it! Step into a winter wonderland with the Snow Festival at M Resort Spa Casino. This unique, one-of-a-kind features 350 tons of real, honest to God snow. We’re squealing just thinking about it! Experience the white Christmas of your dreams right here in the Vegas Valley.

          Tickets: This event runs from November 23 and runs to January 8. For ticketing information and answers to all your questions, click HERE.

      16 Best Bites In The Las Vegas Valley You May Not Have Tried

      Last night at Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa, it was the preview opening of the third location of Lotus Of Siam. The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous (see for yourself) and lives up to the incredible food that put them on the map.

      That map started on East Sahara in an inward facing strip mall that, if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you’d miss it. Ambiance wasn’t necessarily on the menu, but the food was absolutely incredible. Their location being jam packed almost made the food more impressive!

      Another former hole in the wall is Nora’s Italian Cuisine on West Flamingo. Before it inhabited it’s absolutely beautiful building, they were just down the road tucked behind an 1970’s era Arby’s. But somehow the word got out and the locals got in to try their delicious food!

      The Las Vegas valley is filled with restaurants that are amazing, but are trapped in a strip mall. Call them whatever you want: “hole in the wall”, “hidden gems” or more… but they are culinary experiences you’ve just got to try.

      Today on the show, we talked about some of our favorite restaurants in town that might not be as popular as they deserve to be. Listeners poured in to offer up their own suggestions as well! From Asian to Italian, great subs to food that is authentically Australian, the list covers a wide gamut! We collected all of the suggestions we received or mentioned and lined them all up right here for you to check out and potentially try!

      We all get stuck in a culinary rut and don’t know where to start on trying new restaurants. So, take a look at some suggestions and if we missed any, drop us a line and tell us where else to try!

      • Kabuto-edomae Sushi

        Address: 5040 W Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas

        When you walk into the restaurant – if you’re even able to find it – you’ll be greeted by a handful of seats. That explains the days long wait for a reservation. You’ll sit at the sushi bar, tell them how hungry you are, and the chefs will prepare some incredible dishes that you may not have ordered on your own, but will delightfully challenge you. You’ll leave the place changed! It’s not cheap, but it’s an amazing special occasion and date night spot.

        Kabuto-edomae sushi

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      • Chicago Joe's

        Address: 829 S 4th Street, Las Vegas

        Blink and you might miss it. The hole in the wall brick building in downtown used to be a house. Now it’s home to delicious Italian and Chicago-Style comfort food. The prices are very reasonable, the venue is cozy, and you’ll experience something you may have driven past a thousand times.

        Chicago Joe's Restaurant

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      • Munch-A-Sub

        Address: 5320 Cameron Street, Las Vegas

        Subs that will absolutely bust your gut. Opened by an old-school east coast uncle, his nieces run the joint now and the subs are no frills but spectacular. Their #29 “Munch Philly Hot Sub” features roast beef, provolone, mushrooms, onions and special seasoning and will have you sufficiently full for days, potentially.

        Munch A Sub

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      • The Hush Puppy

        Address: 7185 W Charleston Blvd & 1820 N Nellis Blvd

        The restaurant has been in town since 1975 and brings delicious “down south” dining that will make your mouth water. Crab legs, shrimp, ribs and even their namesake: hush puppies. Our listener Darleen says “they have really good alligator tail”. Oh, my.

        The Hush Puppy

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        The Hush Puppy

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      • Piero's Italian Cuisine

        Address: 355 Convention Center Dr, Las Vegas

        If you don’t head towards the convention center often, you may have never crossed paths with it. But Piero’s, directly across the street from the LVCC, is old school class personified. Waiters and ushers that have been there for decades, delicious dishes like Ossobuco that will blow you away, and incredible people watching. Shawn has eaten here many times, and you’ll always find a big name breaking bread here.

        Piero's Italian Cuisine

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      • Jessie Rae's BBQ

        Address: 5611 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas & 308 N Boulder Hwy, Henderson

        The place isn’t much to look at from the outside, but inside you’ll find some of the best barbecue that you’ll ever sink your teeth into. Sandwiches, platters, sauces and more… amazing reviews for a sneaky hidden gem.

        Jessie Rae's BBQ

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        Jessie Rae's BBQ

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      • Pacific Diner

        Address: 18 W Pacific Ave, Henderson

        Our listener RJ suggested this one. He brings his kid by for breakfast regularly and raves about it. The menu is a no-frills breakfast stop. Not a chain, just an old school ham and egger. Which is the way we like it.

        Pacific Diner

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      • Golden Steer Steakhouse

        Address: 308 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas

        If you’ve driven past this location just off the strip and didn’t give it a second look, you’re making a huge mistake. Golden Steer may look a little dated on the outside, and it may look old school on the inside, but the food has held up for generations. It opened back in 1958 and all the “greats” like Sinatra and Elvis ate there. The mob ate there AND the sheriff. It is that good. Polish off your meal with their signature Bananas Foster and you’ll leave happy. You’ll want to dress up though, no beach bums allowed.

        Golden Steer Steakhouse Las Vegas

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      • Los Olivos Ristorante

        Address: 3759 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas

        Right off DI & Sandhill, you’ll find one of the highest rated Italian restaurants in the city. Los Olivos Ristorante sports a 4.8 out of 5 on Google Reviews and a 5 star rating on Yelp. Just click on the link, look at the dishes, and tell us you’re not hungry. We haven’t tried this one, but one of our listeners dropped us a text saying it is great. It’s now on our radar for dinner soon!

        Los Olivos Ristorante

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      • Panna Thai Restaurant

        Address: 6015 S Fort Apache Rd #100, Las Vegas

        If you’re looking for unintimidating Thai food (sometimes you walk into an amazing, authentic restaurant but don’t understand anything on the menu), this is your place. They have a massive menu of, essentially, Thai tapas. Their Crab Wontons are absolutely delicious. Pictures of dishes all over. You’ll love this place for dine in or take out.

        Panna Thai Restaurant

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      • The Steak House at Circus Circus

        Address: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

        When you first hear “the Circus Circus has one of the best steak houses in the city,” your eyes may roll. But trust the thousands who can attest – it is not a clown show. The Steak House at Circus Circus has the big red leather seats, the exposed wood and the ambiance that prepare you for a steak-cation. The menu is simple and stupendous, with a mesquite charcoal broiler cooking up some delicious cuts of beef… and their seafood is nothing to shake a stick at!

        2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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      • Aussie Project Pies

        Online Ordering Only

        Ask anyone from Australia what one of their national favorite foods are, you’re sure to hear “sausage rolls”. You don’t have to hop on a several hours long flight to try one. “The Aussie Project” serves up delicious eats from down under right here in the valley. You can find select products at “Pedal & Pour” and “Mothership Coffee” locations, but their bread and butter is home delivery. Free delivery every Friday… we’ve always wanted to try one, and we just might.

        The Aussie Project

        FREE DELIVERY! We're currently a virtual restaurant that delivers free anywhere in Vegas! We have 1 delivery day a week (Friday), but you can find our products in two different locations around vegas at"At Pedal & Pour" in Spring Valley & "Mothership Coffee - click for locations ", with more locations coming soon!

      • Piezanos Pizza & More

        Address: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

        When in doubt, pizza. It’s almost certainly going to be something agrees on. Our listener Keith is a big fan, he suggested it! With 4.5 stars on both Google and Yelp, it looks like a safe bet! Plus the “& More” seems to not be a throwaway line. Several in the reviews swear by the subs and wings.

        Piezanos Pizza and More

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      • Spaghetty Western

        Address: 10690 Southern Highlands Pkwy #100, Las Vegas

        Shawn is guilty of not stopping in despite being in the neighborhood. That’s going to change. Our listener Brandi says she loves it, and the reviews check out! Italian food, pizza, sandwiches and even a full bar. It’s a bit hidden from the main road, but you’ll find it on the south end of the shopping center.

        Spaghetty Western

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      • North End Pizza

        Address: 6440 N Durango Dr, Las Vegas

        Shawn swears by this one. Up in the northwest is a pizza joint that is straight outta Boston. The original owner was from Boston and believed in her heart that there was something about the water in Las Vegas that made doing the dough “right” impossible. So she rang up her family back in Boston and they get the dough shipped from the east coast several times a year. The result is an authentic Boston/New York style pie.

        North End Pizza NV

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      • David Wong's Pan Asian

        Address: 2980 S Durango Dr #101, Las Vegas

        This one is right next to the 102.7 VGS studios, and if you drive down Durango fast enough, you’re sure to miss it. But the food is fantastic and the reviews match. It’s relatively casual on the inside, but the food is packed with flavor! Just take it easy on the heat. Whatever you think your “spicy” number is, you may want to cut it in half.


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