Fall is right around the corner this is the time that a lot of people make a change in the color of their hair.

I am naturally a dirty blonde and rarely do anything to it at all. But there is something about an apple spice candle, flannels, and football that make me want to dye my hair a little darker and drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

But, before I head to the salon I read that there is a specific hair color we should rock to fit our zodiac sign.

According to an article done by Odisha TV  “Choosing a hair colour according to the zodiac sign could be interesting because every colour is a reflection of your personality and is ruled by the different planets. It’s fun to find out your lucky colour as per your zodiac sign.”

 I am all for having a ‘lucky hair color’

Turns out being a Capricorn is good for my fall hair color hopes – Capricorns are reserved and deep thinkers so they should add deep brown tones with subtle highlights.

Your hair color should fit your personality and this is a cute way to do it. Have you ever dyed it pink for Breast Care Awareness? Depends on your sign if it will bring you luck I assume!

Check your lucky hair color below:

  • Aries

    The first Zodiac, which is ruled by planet Mars is a fire sign, and red is the bright and natural choice of color. The red will boost your confidence to another level. So go for intense red or burgundy to represent your personality positively.

  • Taurus

    Taurus is an Earth sign and should go brown to light brown because the color represents a positive, hard-working, and passionate person.

  • Gemini

    Ruled by the planet Mercury and the people in this sign are known for their versatility, dual personality, impulsiveness, and capability of grabbing any opportunity. You can go with blonde or reverse highlights and have fun with contrast to get a perfect color.

  • Cancer

    This fourth zodiac sign is known for its sensitive, emotional, and imaginative nature, which makes a beautiful combination of color shades. People of this zodiac sign can reflect their personality by adding cinnamon gold or silver shades to their hair. 

  • Leo

    This sign is characterized by the peculiarity of great leadership and calm nature. People ruled by this zodiac sign are highly confident and passionate about their life. So we suggest you add some honey tones to your hair, or you can also go with blond to open up your personality and further increase your confidence level.

  • Virgo

    Known for their sense of responsibility, aptness, leniency, and common sense. They can be a bit shy in nature, so it is important to choose a color with light reflection instead of a dark one. Light brown, chestnut, or colors similar to the sun’s natural light are the colors that perfectly work with this zodiac sign.

  • Libra

    Fun, glamorous, and easy-going, and everyone wishes to be around the Libras, so a fantasy color palette is best suited to their personality. Pale Blue or pink wash hair shade will keep you in trend, and you will be the center of attention everywhere you go.

  • Scorpio

    Intuitive, reserved, and mysterious, it is essential to choose a hair color that perfectly matches their personality. An intense red, dark brown, or bright platinum blond can add more perfection to your overall hair look.

  • Sagittarius

    Energetic, confident, and generous you will feel all those things when you go with the amethyst brown hair color trend with a little soft purple tone. People with this zodiac sign are also very experimental, so dark blondes going into a pale blonde can help explain their personality.

  • Pisces

    Complex personalities; and they are daydreamers, caring, and emotional. It is always better to choose a color that represents this water sign positively. So we recommend choosing hair colors like classic shades of deeper brown

  • Capricorn

    Capricorns are reserved, deep thinkers so the dark colors are suitable for them. If Capricorn is your zodiac sign, go daring with a brown tone with subtle highlights.

  • Aquarius

    This zodiac sign is known for its creative, inspiring, sensitive, and social personality or skills. Rose gold and blue-toned black are perfect.

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