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Travis Kelce Says NFL Is ‘Overdoing It’ With Taylor Swift Coverage

Travis Kelce wants the NFL to turn it down a notch with their Taylor Swift coverage. In a new episode of the New Heights podcast -- which he hosts with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce -- Travis addressed Swift's [inlink id="taylor-swift-brings-friends-to-chiefs-game-nj" text="latest appearance over the weekend with her famous pals"]. The telecast included Swift-themed promos, which, reportedly, the audience booed at. The cameras repeatedly cut to the star-studded suite throughout the game, further angering football fans. Wednesday's (October 4) New Heights episode is titled with a reference to Swift's 2019 Lover track, "You Need to Calm Down." Jason asks his younger brother, "Is the NFL overdoing it? What is your honest opinion?" To which the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end says, "I think everybody is just, like, overwhelmed." In typical big brother fashion, Jason teases, "Take away your feelings for Taylor. What is your honest opinion on how the NFL is treating celebrities at the games?" Travis, 33, then admits that despite finding it "fun" to see stars at the game, he admits that, especially in his situation, the NFL is "overdoing it a little bit, for sure." He adds, "I think they're just trying to have fun with it." [inlink id="travis-kelce-taylor-swift" text="RELATED: Travis Kelce: How Did He Get Together With Taylor Swift?"] NBC had Taylor-themed promos, a segment featuring Carson Daly and The Voice explaining football to Swifties, and plenty of references to the singer throughout the night. NBC had a massive ratings boost with about 27 million viewers and topped off at around 29 million during the second quarter, according to Deadline. Jason notes in the podcast episode that two million of those viewers were said to be female. "That's gotta be an NFL record right there," he says. "I think a few of them might have been there for Deadpool and, uh, Taylor." The brothers also thanked their mom, Donna Kelce, for attending both the Eagles and Chiefs games in different cities just hours apart. "She's been on top of the f---ing world, man," Travis said. He added that his mom also thanked him for the opportunity to spend time with Swift and her pals at the games. "She also told me thank you because she was in an alternate universe. She was sitting there with Deadpool and Wolverine." He added, "That suite was rockin'. They were enjoying themselves. Somebody told me that everybody was enjoying themselves in that suite." https://youtu.be/7Zga0N7-0j8?si=ACaDuX5fwUxB7oRT [select-listicle listicle_id="652954" syndication_name="who-will-play-super-bowl-halftime-2025" description="yes"]

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