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Valuable Lessons Learned From My Dad

There's no denying it. Dads play a crucial role in the lives of their children. With Father's Day right around the corner, I think it's so important to reflect on the amazing dad qualities of the man, or men, that raised us. My dad went above and beyond to not only support me in life, but my entire family. If you relate to that sentence, you'll probably relate to several, if not all, of my valuable lessons learned from my dad. The First Of Valuable Lessons Learned From My Dad... Balance When it comes to working a full-time, demanding job, spending savored time with your family, and juggling the other obstacles life always seems to throw your way, balance can be pretty difficult to achieve. Weekends should be for adventures and precious time with your loved ones, but sometimes that can get overshadowed by all of life's many demands. One of the most valuable lessons learned from my dad is the extreme importance of finding and prioritizing that balance no matter what. Before you know it, your kids are grown and starting their own lives, and you'll never be able to get that time back with your kids. Balance comes down to simple prioritization of time, and with a little effort, balance is achievable by all. Laughter Truly Is The Best Medicine As we get older it becomes clearer and clearer: Life is so very short. Before we know it, years have passed seemingly in the blink of an eye. Life is too short to take so seriously. When I would get super worked up as a kid, my dad was always there to make me feel better with a good dad joke or a stinging pun that would have my sides splitting. My dad's humor got me through some of my toughest times, and now that I'm an adult, I carry that with me, constantly reminding myself to not sweat the little things and simply laugh through them. The Power Of Making Sure Your Kids Know You Love Them It's a simple parenting fact. Kids mess up, they make mistakes, and they need to be punished for their mistakes to ultimately learn from them. While my parents disciplined me when I acted wrongly, they did a stellar job of making sure I never wondered if they still loved me through the punishment. Dads aren't always the most expressive of their emotions, but mine always made sure I was fully aware of how much he loved me and how proud he was of me no matter what. To me, that's one of the most valuable lessons learned from my dad, and it's a lesson that I will undoubtedly carry on to my children one day.

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