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New Soda Shop FiiZ Drinks Opens In Las Vegas

FiiZ Drinks, a Utah-based soda shop, recently opened its doors Las Vegas, sharing the art of artisanal sodas with the Valley community. Located on 2625 S. Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102, the beverage store offers different flavors and "styles" of sodas -- or pop depending what geographical part of the United States you're located. They are often called "dirty sodas," and gained popularity in Utah and the Pacific Northwest, according to Eater. FiiZ Drinks: Secret Menu Hacks FiiZ Drinks has different "bases" that you can get like Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Red Bull, Monster, Sprite, etc. You can mix these fizzy drinks with different flavor syrups and creams that compliment the soda's flavor. There are "pre-made" flavors like the famous "I Love Lucy," with has coke, raspberry puree, cranberry flavoring and cream. And you may be thinking "how does cream go with soda?" Well, the silkiness of the cream pairs well with the sweetness and carbonation of the soda. The cream almost "tones" down the sweetness of the soda with the smooth texture. It's divine and simple. There's also the "Beauty School Dropout," which is Dr. Pepper, coconut, pineapple, strawberry puree, cream and whipped cream. You can also get "crafted water," which uses water as a base then mixes it with flavorings. The "Blue Lagoon" is water, Blue Curacao, coconut, vanilla and fresh lemon. For anyone from Texas, you may be excited for the next sentence: Fiiz Drinks also sells Big Red. If you love Dr. Pepper, you'll probably love this Southern soda, too. The "Chocolate Cinnamon Bear" is Big Red, cream, Chocolate Milano and cinnamon mixed together. The menu at the shop doesn't list all of the flavors. But, if you download the app or go on the website, you can see the plethora of flavors available. History Of 'Dirty Sodas' As "dirty sodas" become more popular, you may be wondering how they came about. According to the Eater article, "dirty sodas," became popular in Utah. "Soda shops that mixed colorful syrups, different "In the mid-2010s, shops slinging “dirty sodas,” or fountain sodas spiked with cream, flavored syrups, and other add-ins, started popping up all over Utah," Eater reports. The popularity of these drinks can also be attributed toward the population of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to Food Republic. "But, these works of carbonated art take shape in 32 oz foam and plastic cups loaded with crunchy pebble ice. This is the magic of "dirty soda" – Utah's unique elixir," Utah Valley's website reports. Some of the most popular shops in Utah are: Swigs, Quench It, Sodalicious and of course -- FiiZ! We're excited that this refreshing spot is back in Las Vegas. There was a former FiiZ location, but it closed. Originally opening in Bountiful, Utah in 2014, this soda shop has now become a national franchise, and we're stoked to have them in Las Vegas.

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