A morning show? We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t a great one for Las Vegas.

Meet Aimee + Shawn! Okay, you already know Aimee Thomas and Shawn Tempesta, and they know the Vegas Valley like the back of their…never mind.  Now you get to wake up with them every morning, and we don’t mean that in a creepy way.

When your kids are screaming on the way to school and when you need a break from your co-worker who won’t stop talking about her macaroni salad recipe, Aimee + Shawn are here for you.

We kinda stole Aimee from our sister station because we loved her SO much. She’s a boy mom of two, married to a U.S. Army Veteran (thank you for your service, Pat!). She’s also an amazing cook, a wine enthusiast (she can open a bottle of wine while responsibly holding a baby) and just an all-around superwoman.

Shawn Tempesta? He’s a Vegas “legend” (assuming you use the term legend loosely). We saved him from doing morning TV, and we hear he also used to be on some other radio station in the afternoon. Shawn has two kids (who are both more mature than he is), and he’s married to his amazing wife — Marsha (who’s also more mature than he is). You’ve probably seen his show “Free4All” that has spicy takes on the hottest trends, latest news stories and REAL conversations. (We didn’t write that last sentence. Shawn did.)

You can hear them on our FREE 102.7 VGS app, on your radio, via that delightful Listen Live button on our website, and on any Alexa or Google device!

So, brew your coffee and get ready to listen to Aimee + Shawn every morning. Just don’t take it too seriously. We don’t.