Sammi Reeves

Sammi Reeves

Sammi Reeves


I’m Sammi Reeves, and I’m straight outta UNLV.  (Okay, so I was born in glamorous West Virginia, and I came to Vegas because I said to myself, “Self, what’s the one place more glamorous than West Virginia? Oh, I know.  It’s Las Vegas!  I’ll move there.”)

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Media Studies, I begged my way into a radio job a few years ago, and now I get to talk a little and play a lot of great music on 102.7 VGS. While I was at UNLV, I minored in Dance, which gives me something to do while I’m listening to all the great music that I’m playing on 102.7 VGS. I’m really passionate about ballet and danced since I was 3 years old, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to drop Swan Lake in between The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran.

I’m a Frenchie Mama, so you’re going to see lots of future doggo photos of my baby Butch on our website. Butch isn’t really not a baby. In fact, the vet told me that Butch would be 20 pounds, but ended up being a hefty 40. I’m also former fair queen! Back in West Virginia, I was crowned Putnam County Fair Queen.

Oh, and whatever you do, when you see me, don’t ask me about my first tattoo. I’m also a cornhole master. (And I’m talking about the game, so stop what you’re thinking!)

Here are four quick fun facts we can talk about when we meet:

  • Favorite Food – Hot Dog
  • Favorite Show – Grey’s Anatomy
  • Favorite Movie – Christmas Vacation
  • Favorite Drink – Anything with caffeine (I love coffee and Diet Coke)