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If you’re like me, you’ve already consumed all eight episodes of the latest Netflix series to hit the platform, Wednesday. The moment I heard of a new series centered around The Addams Family, and more specifically the family’s only daughter, Wednesday, I knew I would be settling into the coziest spot on my couch until I had consumed every second of Tim Burton‘s latest masterpiece.

If you’ve already binge watched Netflix’s newest series as well… Congratulations! You just took part as an active participant in breaking an insanely massive Netflix record!

According to Forbes, Netflix has announced that the new show, Wednesday, has broken its record for the most-viewed English-language show in a week with 341.23 million hours viewed. YOW. That’s right. It beat Stranger Things season 4’s record, which had a whopping 335 million hours viewed.

With Tim Burton on the project and Jenna Ortega‘s highly anticipated performance as the leading lady, Wednesday Addams, it was nearly inevitable that the show would completely enthrall all who ventured to view the thrilling series. Even Christina Ricci, who played the part of Wednesday Addams herself throughout the 1990s, plays the role of Marilyn Thornhill, a “normie” who works at Wednesday’s school, Nevermore Academy.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Ricci’s familiar face pop up on my tv screen, and I love that she, the one who truly made the title character such a global icon, plays a major role in the brand new Addams Family adventure… One that takes place in modern day society, the 21st century. Yes, cell phones and social media exist in their world. It’s weird at first, but honestly, it grew to become one of my favorite attributes of the show.

With viewing numbers like that, it’s nearly certain that we’ll get a second season of the show. Thank goodness. Hallelujah. I’m desperate. When I tell you this show has me in a choke hold… I need more. We all need more.


Here’s why ‘Wednesday’ season 2 is a sure fire thing:

  • 3) Viewers Can't Get Enough of the Mystery

    The first season of “Wednesday” is full of mysteries — Who is the killer? Who are the victims? What is Wednesday’s deal? And viewers can’t seem to get enough. The series has left viewers thirsty for answers, and a second season would give them the closure they’re looking for.

  • 2) It Would Be a Ratings Goldmine

    It’s no secret that Netflix loves a good ratings goldmine, and “Wednesday” is shaping up to be just that. A second season of the show would no doubt bring in huge numbers, maybe even bigger than the record-breaking numbers season one has produced thus far. Season two would surely bring in even larger viewership, especially if Netflix promotes it as heavily as they did the first season.

  • 1) The Cast Is Game

    The cast of “Wednesday” has already expressed interest in coming back for a second season, which means that there shouldn’t be any issue with getting everyone on board. And given how successful the first season was, it’s safe to say that t would be crazy if they weren’t all more than willing to return.

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