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It feels like every other week is a four day week! Aimee+Shawn had Monday off for President’s Day, but they got a lot in the rest of the week!

Shawn scours the internet for absolutely ridiculous stories to share with the show… and one story out of Texas caught his attention. It comes from a small town several miles out of Fort Worth, Texas where a 3rd grader found a gun in their school’s bathroom. From there it got absolutely asinine… and Shawn had Aimee guess what went down.

Aimee decided to call in a pizza order at her local Little Caesars and it turned out to be way more of an ordeal than she bargained for. How ordering five pizzas can create major bureaucracy…

Winds were HOWLING in Las Vegas this week. Shawn’s dad (who is visiting town) called Shawn from upstairs. Why? He was worried the wind might make the tree in Shawn’s front yard collapse onto his car. Shawn was baffled as he has no control over the tree or the wind, and wonders if others are asked silly “what do you want me to do” questions too.

Aimee was on a hike and saw a doting husband checking on his wife’s every step to make sure she didn’t trip while heading down the mountain. Meanwhile Aimee’s husband was behind her because he didn’t want her to fall into him.

With all that exercise, you’d think Aimee would be ready and rearing to go for Scale The STRAT this weekend. But her most common refrain won again: her son has a football tournament and she can’t go. Shawn didn’t let her get off the hook that easily though, and Aimee lived up to it! She climbed every step live on the air at the station.

Here’s what’s coming up next week on Aimee+Shawn

We are back Monday with tickets to check out Capital Cities when they perform at House Of Blues at Mandalay Bay on May 11th, plus we are hearing rumblings of a major concert announcement! We’ll share that with you too! See you then!

  • Aimee+Shawn Want To Set A World Record

    After realizing how competitive he gets catching flying shrimp at hibachi restaurants, Shawn has decided he could set the record for catching them.

  • Aimee Hit Little Caesars'z Pizza Limit

    Aimee failed to realize that while Little Caesars’ slogan is “Pizza Pizza”, it is indeed not “Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza”.

  • The Feed: Rising Star, TX Superintendent Left Gun In Bathroom, 3rd Grader Finds It

    It’s already horrifying enough that a 3rd grader stumbled across a gun at their school. Then you find out what the teacher said after being told by the student. Then you find out WHOSE GUN it was. Wow.

  • Harry & Meghan Upset By "South Park"... And We're Over Them

    You know, we used to be team Harry & Meghan, but then they got upset with “South Park”. Now… we are over them.

  • When You Don't Know Their Name... And You're Too Afraid To Ask

    Heading downstairs for some coffee early in the morning, Aimee stumbled into a co-worker she’s seen for years, but this time they actually conversed! Shawn recalls working at Channel 13 and being frozen with fear after years of working with certain people and never remembering their name.

  • What Would You Like Me To Do?

    The winds were howling the night before, and Shawn’s dad decided to call him from upstairs to share his wind-anxiety with him. Could Shawn do anything? No.

  • Things Younger People Don't Know

    Pagers. VCRs. Dial-up modems. There are certain things that “younger people” will never have to deal with. Some of that is great, but others we are actually sad for them.

  • Aimee's Husband Doesn't Want To Get Crushed By Her

    On a recent hike, Aimee realized her husband wasn’t walking in front of her as they traveled down the mountain. When she asked why, she got a response that made her both laugh and be offended.

  • Aimee+Shawn Will Scale The STRAT On Sunday... Minus Aimee

    Somehow, yet again, Aimee can’t make an event because her son has a football tournament. This time it’s Scale The STRAT. It seems like there is a football tournament EVERY WEEKEND. Shawn won’t let her get out of talking 1,455 stairs though… more on that later.

  • Jobs That Don't Exist Anymore

    Shawn’s first job was at Sam Goody. Gone. Most of the grocery store check out clerks? Vanished. Now AI is coming after our radio jobs!

  • Donating In The Drive Thru

    Swinging through the drive thru in Taco Bell the night before, the woman in the speaker asked Shawn if he wanted to donate to “children’s education”. She had no idea what charity it was. Shawn is charitable… but hates donating to “ideas”.

  • Sammi Is Going To Try Out To Be A Raiderette

    The tryouts were just announced, and our afternoon host Sammi has decided she wants to take a shot at being a Raiderette.

  • Aimee Takes On "Scale The STRAT": Climbing 1455 Stairs!

    If she can’t make Scale The STRAT, we’ll bring the stair climb to her! Aimee agreed to do the entire stair climb in the 102.7 VGS stairwell and she lived up to her word!

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