Hotworx – Las Vegas’ Newest 24/7 Workout

Las Vegas it's almost time. Suns out guns out. It's time to get into shape and the newest 24/7 workout facility is open in different parts of the valley. It's called Hotworx and I just got signed up. Hotworx is about to revolutionize how you break a sweat. Vegas is really the city that doesn't sleep (well before 2020 when everything was open n 24/7). Not many of us have that 9-5 job. We work odd hours here in Las Vegas so it can be hard to find a gym that is open when you have the opportunity to go. Not anymore. Hotworx has your back, literally, it's open 24/7. If you are like me and you need extra motivation or a class to really get you going and there are no classes that fit your schedule. Don't worry. Hotwox has that covered as well. At Hotworx when you have a membership you have 24 hour workout access and when you go into one of the personal rooms you can choose which workout you want to do with which personal trainer! 24/7 Workout 24/7 Access Other than those things that set Hotworx apart from the average gym is it's almost futuristic fitness take. State of the art facilities, infrared saunas, the virtual trainers that guide you through the entire session like a personal fitness trainer minus the super high price. Let's talk about those infrared saunas. Not only do they make you feel like you're getting a spa treatment while working out, but they also ramp up the calorie burn by heating your body from the inside out. Infrared light has so many health benefits. Hotworx offers a variety of workouts to suit every fitness level and preference. Whether you're into cardio, strength training, or just want to zen out with some hot yoga, there's something for everyone. Plus, with the convenience of 24/7 workout access, you can squeeze in a workout whenever it fits into your schedule so there are no excuses! So, as summer comes and the pressure to get into shape is front and center of your mind, why not make it fun? Grab your gym bag and dead over to Hotworx, where the workouts are hot, the trainers are virtual, and the results are so satisfying. Get ready to sweat, Las Vegas your summer bod awaits! Let's Go!

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