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Sickness RAVAGED Aimee’s family through the week, but she made it (mostly) unscathed! Here’s the best of Aimee+Shawn for the week!

Both Aimee and Shawn both have kids and have put them in certain sports and activities. But when is it time to “call it” if they don’t like it? Where’s the line between encouraging them to try something new, and pressuring them to do something they hate? While they had that conversation both came to the conclusion that every karate teacher says the same crap.

We met a woman named Ashley Cream who strutted into the planning and zoning board meeting in Boca Raton, Florida with the most interesting of requests. Her elder sugar daddy wasn’t far behind. We watched in both curiosity and horror.

Aimee’s new obsession is the drama on Vanderpump Rules. Long story short, Tom cheated on Ariana with Raquel, who were all on the show together. Poor Ariana… until you realize Tom cheated on someone else with Ariana. It’s all very confusing, but Aimee’s all for it.

Meanwhile, someone called Shawn’s kid (who attends kindergarten) a name during lunch. Now Shawn ponders exactly how he can get away with tripping a 1st grader into a wall, repeatedly.

Shawn’s dad is in town and he entertained a little girl so much at a local Walmart, she told her mom she wishes he was her Papa. Which got us to thinking… there are things old people can do and we don’t bat a lash. For instance, approaching a little girl he doesn’t know. But a 30 something? NO WAY ARREST THEM! Why is that?!

What’s coming up next week on Aimee+Shawn?

Starting Monday, March 13th and all week long, the winning is ON with tickets to Ed Sheeran and Big Time Rush. When you win, you win tickets to both!

  • Getting Your Kids Into Sports (And Karate Teachers Will Say Anything To Sell Stuff)

    As a parent you want to encourage your kid to try new things… while also not pressuring them to do things they hate. We try to find the balance…

  • "I'll Turn This Car Around" (And ACTUALLY DOING IT!)

    Empty threats of taking things away or not going for that awesome day at the park are one thing, but how often as a parent do you actually DO what you threaten?

  • The Feed: Florida Woman Asks For "Sugar Daddy Appreciation Day"

    It was an incredible day in Boca Raton when the woman walked into the Boca Raton planning board meeting.

  • Aimee's Hubby Can Only Make Her Laugh When She's In The Mood For It

    Patrick’s schtick doesn’t change but how Aimee takes that schtick varies wildly.

  • Procrastinating So Long, Someone Else Does It For You

    Taking that thing to get returned, folding your clothes and more… There are a lot of things we don’t get around to that, magically, get done!

  • We Didn't Do A Proper Spring Break... THANK GOD Or We'd Be Dead

    You didn’t catch Aimee or Shawn partying parentless with our high school or college buddies at Daytona Beach or Cancun… and if you did, chances are neither would be alive or out of prison yet.

  • Aimee's Update: Vanderpump Drama As Tom Cheats On Ariana With Raquel

    Aimee lives for the dram, and while she didn’t watch Vanderpump Rules before, she is fully invested now.

  • Childhood Injuries And The Stupid Ways We Got Hurt

    Kids are dumb and clumsy… we share our dumbest and clumsiest junior moments.

  • Doubting Yourself As A Parent

    Being a parent isn’t easy. Ask…any parent.

  • Shawn's Kindergarten Kid Got Called A Name At School

    When Shawn learned his son was called a name at school, he talked his kid through it and plotted how to stuff a 1st grader in a locker legally.

  • When Your Kids Try To Parent Their Siblings

    Sometimes when you’re admonishing one kid, the other kid pig-piles on.

  • Aimee Is NOT A GOOD FRIEND To Call When You're Moving

    Oh, you’re gonna move to a new house? Great. Aimee… should stay home.

  • Conquering Your FEAR Of Flying

    Some people have no issues hopping on a flight. Others are absolutely terrified…

  • FIGHTING Over The Thermostat

    Aimee runs hot, her husband runs cold. Shawn runs hot, his wife runs cold. Not agreeing on the temperature inside the house is grounds for potential divorce.

  • Older People GET AWAY With Stuff That Younger People CAN'T

    Subtle sexism, “unwokeness” and approaching little kids they don’t know. Gray hair, don’t care, but anything younger and it’s a trip to the slammer.

  • Aimee Likes MUSTARD On Her CARROTS?

    We don’t know what to put here other than…gross.

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