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This week on Aimee+Shawn has been all about contrast. Shawn’s family was out of town all week, giving him the house all by himself mostly., Meanwhile Aimee started the week having recovered from having seven teen boys sleep over. May God have mercy on her soul (and her toilet bowl).

Speaking of family, it’s everything to Aimee. Family, and pettiness. So when some other family cut hers in line, and then laughed about it, Aimee made sure to get the last word. Over, and over, and over again.

Shawn has drawn a line in the sand when it comes to sharing food. Seems like everywhere he turns, people either want his food or want to order exactly what he orders. Wife wants to pick, sons want his fries, dog wants the chicken on his plate and his father cannot and will not order until Shawn does. All he wants to do is enjoy his meal in peace!

This was a very special week, because Aimee’s first born, Jayden, turned 15. Moms, make sure you grab Kleenex before you watch her read the letter she wrote to her son. It’s a tear-jerker.

Shawn recalls the first (and only) time he ever got drunk in time for St. Patrick’s Day. While Aimee has lost count of her drunk stories, Shawn got drunk for science in his mid-20s in what can only be described as the biggest crime to alcohol in human history. Crème. Brulee. Vodka. Who would even choose that?!

Being away from the family meant Shawn missed “a first” for the kids: playing bowling. It’s something Shawn has wanted to do with the kids for a bit, but he didn’t get the opportunity to see it through before it happened without him. Now he’s a bit miffed about it.

What is on Aimee+Shawn next week?!

How about TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS?! We’ve got the final pairs we’ve been holding onto before the big concert this weekend! Plus, win your way in to Aimee’s next W.I.N.O.S. event that will have the ladies going to see Barry Manilow at Westgate Las Vegas! Manilow and Merlot… how can you go wrong?

  • Aimee Had SEVEN TEEN BOYS Over For A Sleepover

    Aimee’s son Jayden had a bunch of friends over for a sleepover and it may have broken the Geneva Convention.

  • What Do You Have In Your JUNK Drawer?

    Shawn has been alone all week and has taken to cleaning a ton of areas around the house while he has some peace and quiet. Three junk drawers. THREE.

  • The WORST SPEED TRAPS In Las Vegas

    Driving down West Cactus Avenue is a lesson in patience. Sure, much narrower roads go much faster. But not this one. And there’ll be plenty of Metro motorcycle cops ready to remind you.

  • Aimee and Shawn Are COMPETITIVE

    There is no such thing as a “fun game”… when they play, they play to win and dunk on their family and friends.

  • Someone Cut Aimee's Family In Line... Her PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE Response is Everything

    If you know anything about Aimee, she’s petty. She’s Queen Petty. But even you would be miffed about how this line-cutting took place.

  • No, You CAN'T Have One Of Shawn's Fries

    If you WANTED fries you should have ORDERED fries. Aimee’s husband Patrick has to deal with the same thing with Aimee’s hungry hands.

  • THIS Is When MTV's "The Real World" Started To SUCK

    It was one of the most amazing shows of its time. But once producers found a certain formula, they never got away from it. Hint: the formula is alcoholism.

  • Could "The Last Of Us" ACTUALLY HAPPEN In Real Life?

    Things have been so screwed up over the last several years that some shows and movies, once thought too bleak and implausible, seem like they are going to happen tomorrow to Aimee.

  • How People That DON'T LIKE ANIMALS Talk To Animals

    Shawn’s dad is in town and isn’t known to be a huge fan of animals. Shawn has realized he doesn’t know how to talk to dogs and instead, he’s talking in full paragraphs to his dog Pesky.

  • Aimee LOVES Being A Mother, Writes Emotional Letter To Her Son On His Birthday

    It is Jayden’s 15th birthday, and it has Aimee looking back at her journey as his mom. Grab the Kleenex. You’re going to need it.

  • Someone Did A DINE AND DASH In Front Of Shawn

    It’s one of the slimiest things you can do. Order food, get served and treated well, and then just walk out on the bill. It happened in front of Shawn and he’s grossed out.

  • Words Are HARD For Aimee... What's A JUTEBOX?!

    Yet another episode of “Aimee has difficult with the English Language”…

  • How Often Do You WASH Your JEANS?!

    Some people wash them like they’d wash any other piece of clothing, but Shawn seldom ever washes his jeans. And don’t get us started on bed sheets.

  • Aimee Is SUING IKEA (Not Really, But Sorta)

    Aimee loves IKEA. But she just got a thing in the mail inviting her to be a part of a class action lawsuit against them. Will she take the bait?

  • Shawn Got WASTED On Crème Brulee Vodka

    The two shared their worst “getting drunk” stories… and Shawn only has one. But he made it count.

  • When Your Dog's Anxiety Is All Kinds Of NOPE!

    Aimee’s dog is a sweetheart with a big bark and a huge fear of the groomer.

  • Shawn Missed Out On His Kids First Time Bowling And He's Miffed

    As a parent you want to be there for all of your kids firsts. Shawn missed one and now he’s a little upset at his wife for not giving him the option first.

  • Things You MAY NOT KNOW About St. Patrick's Day

    What began as a fun little fact finding segment slowly progressed into insanity.

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