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It’s another week in the books for Aimee+Shawn, and the last week before class is back in session! Can you believe how fast the summer went?

Shawn’s sons were out of town for a week and when they got back at the airport, he was expecting a hero’s welcome. While his oldest ran into his arms for a sweet moment, his youngest seemed completely against the premise of giving his dad a hug. As a matter of fact, he walked away from the entire family and roamed the baggage return area. Now Shawn has a complex.

Aimee’s doing what she can to save money around the house. Hey, are you planning on throwing out that plastic fork? DON’T! You can put that in the dishwasher. That’s what she does! Yes, seriously.

After a year and a half delay, Shawn got a dental cleaning. At the beginning of every cleaning, his dental hygienist takes his blood pressure. It’s a little bit stressful for Shawn as he suffers from high blood pressure. But something amazing happened… he had a great reading! Practically perfect! Why was this? When Shawn figured it out, he realized he’s going to need a doctor’s note to make that happen more.

We now know why HOAs exist. It’s people like Aimee’s sister. She still has her Christmas tree in the garage waiting for bulk day. Yes, a real tree. How do you pull that onto the sidewalk without being judged?

What’s happening on Aimee+Shawn next week?

We are so excited to have tickets to experience all the fun and rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA! Listen every morning for two chances at four tickets! Plus Aimee is having another WINOS event at the newly retooled and incredible Awakening at Wynn Las Vegas! You’ll go to the show and grab apps and drinks with Aimee too!

  • Aimee Puts Plastic Forks In The Dishwasher

    Who doesn’t like to save a buck here and there. Aimee has been reusing plastic forks at the house and her family is judging her. Dishwasher filled with single use forks?!

  • Best Normal People To Follow On Social Media

    Shawn’s oldest is headed to 1st grade next week, and it turns out his teacher is an Instagram influencer with 71k followers! Who are some of the best “normal people” to follow on social media?

  • When You Try To Figure Out What Your Kid Is Asking For

    All Aimee wanted to do was give her kid what he was asking for. If only she knew what he was saying.

  • Best One Day Road Trip To Take From Las Vegas

    Las Vegas has a lot to offer, and anything beyond Vegas is a hike. What destinations do you head to for a same day getaway? What’s the best one day road trip to take?

  • Using A Doctor's Note To Get Out Of Things

    Shawn went to the dentist office and during his blood pressure check, he did amazing! Rare! Maybe he needs a doctor’s note to help him keep his blood pressure down.

  • Water Coming Out Of AC Vents Sounds Expensive

    Aimee’s house became a slip n slide last night when heavy rains made water come out of her AC vents. That… doesn’t sound cheap.

  • Ask Your Doctor If Microdosing Is Right For You

    Aimee has legit been feeling really anxious lately, and while she jokes, she’s thinking about taking something to take the edge off. Microdosing momma?

  • Biggest Celebrity Falls From Grace

    With Lizzo potentially being cancelled, we think back to the cult of celebrity before her and those who suffered the biggest falls from grace.

  • Closed Las Vegas Restaurants We Miss

    Wolfgang Puck’s Players Locker is closing in Downtown Summerlin. Sweet Tomatoes left us during COVID. So many restaurants have come and gone in Las Vegas… what do you miss the most?

  • Think You're A Hoarder? Meet Aimee's Sister

    Aimee couldn’t believe it when she saw it. Her sister still has her Christmas tree in her garage. Yes, it was real. Yes, it’s August. Think you’re a hoarder? Feel better.

  • Gleeking And Other Things Your Body Does Involuntarily

    You know that little jet of spit that comes from under your tongue? It’s called gleeking, and Shawn did it to his dentist. The body involuntarily does things that are so strange sometimes…

  • Mom Tip: Try Reusable Water Balloons For Your Sanity

    Any mom that has had to pick up rubber fragments across her yard after water balloons were tossed: listen up. Aimee SWEARS by reusable water balloons.

  • CVS Sale Has Shawn Selling Them Out Of Protein Bars

    When you find a great deal, how far will you go to cash in? CVS has a sale going on right now that has Shawn selling them out.

  • Why Won't Insurance Cover Therapy For Aimee And Her Hubby?

    All they wanted to do was improve their relationship, and when she heard insurance would cover therapy she was thrilled. Turns out they won’t. Why won’t they cover therapy?!

  • When Your Son Like Mom More Than Dad

    It’s not that Mario was unhappy to see dad after being away from a week… it’s that he literally walked away from him. Sometimes a kid likes mom more than dad and Shawn has to be OK with that.

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