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This was a long week on Aimee+Shawn. It’s not that it was more days than usual… but the days felt longer. You too? Why do people usually link up on “it’s a quick week” or “this week is dragging?” Some of life’s great questions. Alas.

The school year is underway and it only took a week for things to become a disaster at Shawn’s son’s school. Who is responsible for road work planning? Who at CCSD thought this was a good idea? Is anyone in charge?

Speaking of school… Aimee’s son Jayden has the coolest new elective: crime scene investigation. Yes, that is his actual high school freshman elective. No, we never had anything that cool. Yes, we are jealous. No, we wouldn’t go back if you paid us.

Shawn’s sister-in-law and niece were headed to see a concert with The All-American Rejects and decided to get food before the show. Guess who was at the same restaurant? Guess who was super chill and invited them to the meet and greet? How cool is that?!

Aimee is coming to a conclusion: her eldest son will always be embarrassed by her. And you know what? She’s okay with that.

Shawn doesn’t have a teen but he took one under his wing while at the community pool. He’s pretty sure he convinced an 18 year old lifeguard to open a Roth IRA, and now Shawn believes he made the kid a millionaire. Is he a hero, or an annoying dad?

What is happening on Aimee+Shawn next week?

It is a big week of shows on Aimee+Shawn! All week starting August 21st, listen for tickets to see Luke Combs at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on May 17th, 2024. We’ll even throw in a $100 gas card for that “Fast Car” of yours!

Not to mention we are sitting on one final pair of tickets to see Beyoncé at Allegiant Stadium on Saturday, August 26th! Qualify by winning Ed Sheeran tickets all week, then on Friday we will have a “Single Ladies” dance off to determine the winner!

  • Traffic Nightmare Has Shawn Wondering Who Is In Charge

    The school that Shawn’s son goes to has a traffic nightmare. The charter school next door now has the same release time. Road construction has detours every which way. Now getting out of the lot is taking upwards of 30 minutes. Who is in charge of this?! How does this happen?!


  • Phone Policy At Aimee's Son's School Has Parents Beside Themselves

    If your kid as a phone, they’ve got to hang it up on the wall before class at Aimee’s son’s school. For many, the policy makes sense. But some parents are wondering how they’ll contact their kids… which has Aimee baffled.

  • CSI As A High School Elective It's Happening

    The elective classes in high school have gotten WAY cooler. Aimee’s son is legit taking a CSI class.

  • All American Rejects Treated Shawn's Fam To Meet And Greet

    When Shawn’s sister in law and niece were headed to the All American Rejects show, they got food first. The band was THERE at the restaurant and invited them to the meet and greet! How cool is that?!

  • Aimee Is Convinced Cell Phone Store Will Go Through Her Photos

    Aimee’s phone broke and she traded it in for a new one. But she never saw them factory reset it. Now she is convinced they’ll go through her photos.

  • When The Owner's Kids Are An Issue

    It seems like half the time Shawn brings his kids to a certain kids place in town, he’s getting asked to use his game card by two boys. Turns out the boys are the sons of the owner. Should Shawn tell them or leave it alone?

  • What Do You Base The Tip For Your Server On At Restaurants

    Shawn was delightfully surprised by a waiter who pointed out items he shouldn’t get, and tipped him well. What do you consider when you tip your server?

  • How Mom Should Deal When Your Kid Is Embarrassed By You

    Aimee is coming to terms with the fact that her oldest kid Jayden is embarrassed by her, and always will be. If you’re a mom how do you come to grips with that?

  • Shawn Giving Advice To Any Teen Who Will Listen

    Shawn is doling out some solid financial advice to any teen that will lend their ear. If Shawn got this advice when he was younger, he’d be rich.

  • Home Ownership Is So Expensive Is It Even Worth It

    Shawn got a letter from the HOA and out of nowhere he has a nearly $2000 bill. Home ownership is great, but also so expensive. We wonder… is it worth it to buy?

  • When Mom Has No Chill

    Aimee needs to calm down… but she can’t. Why mom typically has no chill and dad typically doesn’t react enough.

  • Does Pineapple Belong On PIzza? How About Syrup On Eggs?

    Sunday is International Hawaiian Pizza Day… and just the suggestion of pineapple on pizza is enough to start a war. Is that a step too far?

  • Toys And Kids Stuff That Are Not Allowed In Your House

    Stepping on Legos is awful. Stepping on hardened Play-Doh… somehow worse! What toys are not allowed in your house?!

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