Elton John and Britney Spears’ new version of ‘‘Tiny Dancer” is going to be titled ”Hold Me Closer”.   Elton wants to make it clear they are both on a level playing field when it comes to credits. It will be ‘Elton John, Britney Spears’ — she won’t simply be a featured artist. This is so awesome for her I can’t wait to hear it. No word on a release date but Paris Hilton heard it and said it was going to be ‘iconic.’ People are calling them Brelton and I am here for it!


Chris Pratt is going to use a Brooklyn accent when he voices Mario in the Donkey Kong movie. Seth Rogen is playing Donkey Kong, Jack Black is playing Bowser, and Charlie Day is voicing Luigi. I am so excited for this movie. Talk about iconic. Chris is putting his own little spin on the voice!

Lady Gaga has officially been cast in ”Joker 2”. The movie company released a silhouette teaser yesterday that shows her dancing with Joaquin Phoenix’s character. Gaga is going to play Harley Quinn. This is going to be so amazing! If anyone should play Harley Quinn it is most definitely Lady Gaga she is perfect for the role.

Kim Kardashian just posted about a stomach tightening procedure she just did and it has the internet in an uproar. What else is new?  She posted a picture of her stomach on the Internet along with the caption: “This is a game changer!!! I did morpheous laser to tighten my stomach @drghavami ‘s spa @gpsaesthetics. I think this is my fave laser but it’s painful lol but worth it.” Hey listen if I had Kim Kardashian money I would do all the things to make me skinny and young forever! I want to be Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her!


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