After the Lakers/Suns preseason game at T-Mobile Arena on Wednesday, Lebron James gave an interesting post-game interview in which he said he would like to own an NBA franchise…in Las Vegas.

“Oh, it’s wonderful. It’s the best fan base in the world, and I would love to bring a team here at some point. That would be amazing. I know (NBA Commissioner) Adam (Silver) is in Abu Dhabi right now, I believe… He probably sees every single interview and transcript that comes through from NBA players so, I want the team here Adam. Thank you.”

Look at his grin. See at him looking off to the side? His eyebrows raised! What does he know that we don’t? Is it already happening? All we know is there are plenty of good reasons to have an NBA team in Las Vegas.

The pros of Lebron James owning an NBA franchise in Las Vegas

  1. Southern Nevada is booming and is only getting bigger and bigger. With more and more people moving to the city, there would be a larger potential fan base for the team.
  2. Las Vegas is obviously a tourist destination, which means there would be plenty of people from out of town who would be interested in attending a game (and spending money).
  3. Lebron James is one of the most popular athletes in the world. His name alone would bring attention to the team and increase ticket sales.
  4. TAXES! Nevada has no income tax. While players are taxed by where each game is played, if they know half of their games (and all of their endorsement deals) wouldn’t be subject to state taxes… huge win.
  5. The climate in Las Vegas is ideal for playing basketball year-round (unlike some other NBA cities!). That means more kids hitting their local courts to play, and becoming super fans.
  6. There are already several successful professional sports teams in Las Vegas (including the NHL’s Golden Knights, NFL’s Raiders and the WNBA World Champion Aces), so there is proof that a team can succeed in the city.

Without question, there is a lot of upside for Lebron to own a team in Las Vegas. And considering that grin he flashed… it might already be happening.

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