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Aimee+Shawn were all ears this week! Well, most ears.

One of Aimee’s ears started bleeding when she came in on Monday… to the point where she had to stick a tissue in her ear to catch all of the plasma she was losing!

The issue was so bad that she ended up going to the doctor – for the first time since giving birth to Roman! Her experience left a little bit to be desired. It’s safe to say she won’t be back any time soon.

Shawn, meanwhile, had a great weekend watching an article he brilliantly crafted on the website go viral. Anyone that didn’t click the link would mistakenly assume that Tom Brady was going to be a Raider. But Shawn contends it was not “clickbait”… it was just a beautiful headline.

There are many things you expect when you walk into a Circle K. Snacks. Drinks. But never a British cashier. That’s what Shawn saw during a recent trip and he was equal parts surprised and mystified. Now he wants to save her.

Someone thought it would be funny to send Shawn a bag of boba straws into the station. Let us explain. Last week when Sammi was filling in, she explained that men should not use straws. Shawn was blown away by this. Well, turns out Aimee thinks the same.

Finally, we wish Aimee and her husband Patrick a happy anniversary! Friday was the 17 year anniversary of the two meeting… when she thought he was P Diddy at Carnival Court.

What’s happening next week on Aimee+Shawn?

More Disneyland tickets all week long! Hear the “magic wand” and caller 102 wins a four pack of 2-day tickets to Disneyland! Plus listen at 8:35 for the Disney Character Of The Day! Make sure you jot them all down and on Friday, someone will all nine characters will win the Grand Prize! If you miss a word, catch it on the “full show” podcasts! Plus tickets to see Kelly Clarkson at Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood every morning at 7:35! See you then!

  • Aimee's Bleeding Ear WON'T STOP BLEEDING

    Her ear has been bleeding all morning. She doesn’t know why and she’s about to do something she hasn’t done in four years to find out.

  • Aimee Stuffs Her Center Console With GIFT TISSUE PAPER?

    Sure, there are normal people. Then there is Aimee. While some put some random coins or a first aid kit in their middle console, she’s got a mini Hallmark store just in case she needs to put together a gift while she drives to a baby shower.

  • It Seems Like NO ONE READS THE ARTICLE They Comment On

    Shawn wrote an amazing headline about Tom Brady… and it seems like a lot of people wanted to comment on it without actually reading it. The comments amused them.

  • ARREST A Grandmother For A $77 TRASH BILL?!

    Aimee recalls a story about a granny who was sent away in cuffs because her trash bill wasn’t paid. Talk about trashy.

  • Shawn's Son Getting MANIPULATED By Kid In School

    Shawn wants to give his kid the strength to ignore and overcome a classmate who is running all over him. But that’s tough to do when your assigned seat at lunch is right next to him. So… it was time to intervene.

  • Finding A GREAT Doctor In Las Vegas Is TOUGH!

    So, Aimee went to the doctor. Her experience will probably have her avoiding them for another four years.

  • You Don't Expect A BRITISH ACCENT At The CIRCLE K!

    It was supposed to be a quick trip in to get Red Bull… but when the woman at the counter spoke, his jaw dropped… and we don’t understand why.

  • If You HAD TO CHOOSE Between Favorite DISNEYLAND Rides...

    Considering we are giving away Disneyland tickets for two whole weeks, we decide to rank (and tank) some Disneyland favorites. If you HAD to choose… which would you keep?


    All Shawn wanted to do was get his space-crazed kids a great sight of an interstellar sight… and it turned into a complete dud.

  • You Know You're GETTING OLD When...

    Both Aimee and Shawn still feel and act young, but they are slowly but surely starting to show their “old”…

  • Should MEN Use STRAWS... Or Is It EMBARRASSING?!

    Last week on the show, Sammi told Shawn men shouldn’t use straws. Shawn admitted he used them. Now, someone has delivered a package of straws to the station and he wants to know what it all means.

  • When The Alarm JUST WON'T WAKE YOU UP

    It was a rough morning for Aimee. Her alarm stabbed her in the back and she barely made it in time. She’s not the only one.

  • WHY Is The Grocery Store Now Charging PER BANANA? (And Other Confusing Things)

    Some bananas are big. Some bananas are small. So why are all of them being charged at the same price all of a sudden?!

  • Aimee's Son WON'T STOP ASKING If She's POOPING!

    There is something about young boys and poop. Roman is completely obsessed with his mom’s bathroom trips and it’s upsetting to her.

  • How Did You Decide To BLOCK Someone On Social?

    Sometimes you’ve gotta ignore them. Sometimes you’ve gotta mute them. But sometimes… you shine up that banhammer and get someone out of your digital life forever. What caused you to ban yours, and why does Shawn ignore his parents online?!

  • She Thought He Was P Diddy 17 Years Ago Today...

    Aimee recounts the famous story of how she met her husband many moons ago…

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