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We’d be lying if we said the week flew by on Aimee+Shawn. This week was tiring! Both Aimee and Shawn were yawning through the week but we all survived it together!

Aimee was probably exhausted by her bug paranoia. She woke up with red bumps one day and suspected bed bugs. When she called an exterminator, he made a really crazy request of her. Instead of do that, she called the professional – a bed bug sniffing dog. No, we aren’t joking.

Shawn probably can’t sleep because of his immense embarrassment he felt over the weekend. While at Cox Pavilion taking in a Slamball game, the national anthem was played. Considering this is Las Vegas, he understood the assignment. Scream “KNIGHT,” right? Wrong. He was the only one. His shame lasted days.

Time seems to fly by as it is. It only gets worse when stores and society moves things up. Why are we celebrating Christmas in July? Why do some stores already have up Halloween displays? It’s too soon! It’s all too soon!

Aimee was nearly arrested by the Costco membership card police for the felony of shopping with her non-card carrying sister. We aren’t lying when we say they are cracking down big time.

Don’t panic but… the government is flat out saying we have witnessed aliens, they’ve hurt people, and we have some of their stuff. Seriously, there were Congressional hearings and everything. We took a listen to some of the testimony and we are convinced if this was released before the internet people would be in the streets on fire over this.

What’s happening next week on Aimee+Shawn

Starting Monday, July 31st, it’s your ticket to see Big Time Rush, MAX and Jax! Not just one ticket, four of them! Plus you’ll qualify to get a meet and greet with BTR!

  • Using A Bed Bug Sniffing Dog To Calm Aimee's Paranoia

    She had some red dots on her, so Aimee immediately thought “bed bugs”. The exterminator suggested she lay on a white sheet and see if any blood marks appear before he comes by. She hired a dog instead.

  • Biff From Back To The Future Is NOT A Good Role Model

    Colin watched Back To The Future with Shawn finally, and he loved it. But he’s starting to quote some of the stuff he is hearing… and Shawn had to step in.

  • Back To School Shopping Is Underway And We HATE It

    School starts in a couple weeks. A COUPLE WEEKS! Why does it start so early? Now we have to go school shopping! Ugh. We don’t have time… or money… for this.

  • Being The ONLY PERSON To Scream KNIGHT During National Anthem In Las Vegas

    Shawn really wanted to check out Slamball at Cox Pavilion. So he showed up early with the boys and wanted a great time! But before the first game tipped off, he had already humiliated himself in front of the entire arena. Is it his fault… or everyone else’s?!

  • Picky Eaters And Why They Bother Us

    Like hearing someone hadn’t seen Star Wars, hearing someone doesn’t like ice cream is jarring. Yet… Shawn’s kid Mario doesn’t.

  • When The Conversation Doesn't Stop

    All Shawn wanted was to get his kids a haircut. They got that, and he got a monologue that was Oppenheimer-length. Social cues were missed.

  • Christmas In July! When Is Too Soon To Celebrate Holidays?

    Yes, school is about to start and now it’s time to celebrate… Christmas in July? Halloween decorations are being sold! This is all too soon!

  • In-N-Out Fries Aren't Good (And Other Fast Food Hot Takes)

    It seems like everyone is in love with In-N-Out… but most will agree their fries are meh. Whataburger is coming to Las Vegas and while Texans are tripping over themselves with excitement… the burgers are fair at best. Truth hurts.

  • Costco Cracking Down On Cards And Aimee Is Over It

    All Aimee wanted was company at Costco. But when she showed her card, she got dressed down for her sister tagging along. Is it going too far?

  • 93 Year Old Ascends Yosemite Half Dome, Makes Us Feel Lazy

    While 30-somethings complained about their long and busy days, a man seven years shy of a century old had a hell of a climb. Our biggest moments of physical exertion don’t come close.

  • Attitude On Aisle 2

    Shawn was waiting in a line at Albertson’s and was invited by an employee to join a different line. While Shawn waltzed over, someone behind him in line decided to lay claim to the new line and throw shade his way. Let the pettiness begin.

  • Bad Dog Owners Lead To Bad Dogs

    We aren’t trying to say that Joe Biden is a bad dog. But… both of his dogs won’t stop munching on Secret Service members. Dog Whisperer… where are you?

  • Don't Panic But UFOs Are Among Us Says Government Whistleblower

    Did you see the Congressional hearings on Wednesday? It’s all but confirmed that the nation has not only witnessed UFOs, they’ve hurt people and we have some of their stuff. Yes, really. WHAT?!

  • Aimee's Going To Her 20 Year High School Reunion

    After initially saying she’s not going… she flipped. Now Aimee is excited to go to her 20 year reunion so much that she’s already booking a cabin… for next year.

  • The Homing Pigeon In Shawn's Yard Has Found A Home

    Out of nowhere, it appeared. A pigeon, making Shawn’s backyard home. It couldn’t stay there forever though, and if something wasn’t done it might have.

  • Eyebrow Tinting Has Aimee's Family Shook

    She just wanted to do a little something for herself. Aimee got her eyebrows tinted and while they look great, her family decided to give her a boatload of crap about it.

  • Lauren Daigle Interview: RVs, Snacking To Salvation and 'American Idol'

    Wow, did Lauren Daigle charm us! We talked about her sweet home on wheels during her tour, her Idol history that ran through Las Vegas, and why a hungry stomach led to her finding Jesus.

  • We Say Goodbye To Our Co-Worker And Her Deadly 1-2 Punch

    You better duck when you walk into a meeting with Markey! We say goodbye to one of our co-workers who is known for a solid haymaker.

  • Why You Should STOP Hitting The Snooze Button

    How many alarms do you have set? 1? 2? 5? How many times do you slap the snooze button? While we are all guilty of it, turns out we are all doing ourselves a disservice.

  • Aimee's HOA Sends Violation And She Is OVER The Hassle

    Aimee’s house got a letter in the mail for their weed issue. All two of them. She thinks the neighbor down the street should be arrested if she’s getting letters.

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