Once upon a time, Las Vegas was filled with free parking and valet. Valet drivers were tipped into six-digit incomes. Locals and visitors alike could visit the Strip and shell out their money inside the resort, not in the garage. But the times are a-changin’, and paid parking is spreading faster than coronavirus. How bad as it gotten? The STRAT just started charging for parking.

Yes, for the low low price of not free, you can park your vehicle inside a parking lot in one of the least safe areas of the resort corridor.

We kid, but only a little. The STRAT is charging $6 for the first four hours during the weekdays, with a max daily charge of $12. Friday-Sunday, that bumps up to $8 with a max daily charge of $15.

“Oh, OK. For the tourists, but what about the locals?”. Well, we hate to burst your bubble but the locals are not getting a discount. No “first 3 hours free”. No discounted rate. You’re paying as much as the frat boys from Rancho Cucamonga.

You may remember Resorts World (who has had their challenges drumming up business) started charging for parking recently, but that parking became free by simply having a Genting Rewards card, their free gaming rewards card. Any tier parks for free. The STRAT is giving free parking as well, but not for everyone. True Rewards members above “Solid” (which is the third tier up) get to park for free. To the rest, unfortunately, you’ve got to open your wallet.

It really is a shame, because what The STRAT has done in recent years to modernize their property is impressive! But not paying for parking in Las Vegas is something of a religion. Many aren’t ready to convert.

Who among us isn’t charging for parking in Las Vegas?!

There are still some properties that are thumbing their nose at the “fork over your money to park your car here and fork over more money” policy. They range from the cheapest to the most bougie and it makes you wonder… why would you park elsewhere?!

  • Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

    circus circus las vegas

    Started from the bottom… and this is the bottom. But if you’re looking to bring the kids to Adventuredome, get a delicious meal at THE Steak House (which is a sleeper hit) and have “Slots-A-Fun” you’re gonna park for free while you do it. Parking is free, while valet will set you back a minimum of $12.

  • Encore Resort

    encore las vegas

    …now we’re here. Sister property to The Wynn (which is also on this list), you’ll be treated to one of the nicest properties in Las Vegas and while they want your money, they want it the old fashioned way. On the tables, at the shows (go see ‘Awakening’ please) and in the restaurants.

  • The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort

    palazzo las vegas

    Another sister property, this time to The Venetian (also on this list). The Palazzo is a highfalutin resort with great gaming and dining options and they won’t charge a dime to park there. Bless.

  • Resorts World Las Vegas (They Technically Charge... But It's Easy To Get For Free)

    resorts world las vegas

    Our first asterisk on the list is Resorts World. Sure, they technically started charging for parking at the beginning of 2023. But to their credit, they allow any Genting Rewards member of any tier to park for free. Almost brilliant to get people to sign up for the free card to get free parking, and now they have a list to market to. We’ll allow it. At least they don’t require us to run our credit to park for free.

  • SAHARA Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

    sahara las vegas

    Free parking garage AND FREE VALET?! Did we enter a time machine?! SAHARA Las Vegas has some really delicious dining options, hunky men and a gaming floor that doesn’t even remotely resemble its former dilapidated form. Worth a visit!

  • TI Hotel & Casino

    Treasure Island Las Vegas

    They are so committed to free parking, they put it on their massive sign that faces Interstate 15. The valet is free as well! Sure, they got rid of the pirate show, but for this we’ll forgive them.

  • Tropicana Las Vegas (With Caveats)

    tropicana las vegas

    We are going to show some clemency to Tropicana. The poor lil’ fella is surrounded by casinos that charge for parking, an arena and a massive football stadium. Some self-parking is free, while closer lots at $5, and on major event days they get hurt badly (you have people parking there free but not going there at all) they’ll charge non-hotel guests. Fair. Who knows, soon the property might actually be a major stadium of its own.

  • Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

    Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

    Love him or hate him, the property that bares former President Donald Trump’s name features free parking. Make America Not Pay For Parking In Las Vegas Again! MANPFPILVA!

  • The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

    The Venetian las vegas

    The Palazzo doesn’t charge. Neither does it’s older brother The Venetian. Hear the beautiful sounds of gondoliers paddling down the canals without dropping a dime to park there!

  • Wynn Las Vegas

    Wynn Las Vegas

    Sure, they may have played with our emotions in the past. But the fine folks at Wynn (and their sister property Encore) ripped the gates off and let us park there for free again, and we applaud them. One of the most highly regarded properties on the strip… not worried about nickels, just wanting to get the dollars on the inside. The Las Vegas way.

  • (Somewhat) Honorable Mentions

    While they definitely charge for parking, locals are given three hours of clemency at MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment properties. Sure, they kind of started this trend, but credit where credit is due. They’d rather chase the locals out after a show than potentially have them stick around and play a slot for a while, which is an interesting business model.