Shocking: Dead Body Found On Middle School Grounds In Las Vegas

Shockingly, a dead body was found on the campus of Harney Middle School on the east side of Las Vegas earlier today. Officials from Las Vegas Metro Police Department have confirmed that the body is female. No other identifying details have been released at this time. Dead Body Found On Campus Of Harney Middle School At the present time, it appears the dead body of a female was found on an athletic field in the 6 a.m. hour today. Kathleen and Tim Harney Middle School is located at 1580 South Hollywood Boulevard in Las Vegas. The information comes from reports by Rachel Zalucki on Additionally, articles by Fox 5 Staff on, and Justin Walker on After the call was received at 6:21 a.m., police arrived on scene and found the dead body on the northeast corner of the athletic field. Subsequently, police believe the death to be suspicious. Furthermore, detectives are on scene and investigating the death. Students At Harney Middle School Relocated For Today As has been noted, Clark County School District officials have relocated Harney Middle School students for the day. For obvious reasons, they did not want the school children to interfere with police investigations. Moreover, the entire incident may be very upsetting to some students. Therefore, the middle school students are spending the school day at nearby Las Vegas High School. Furthermore, CCSD officials are easing parents’ minds. Students at Harney Middle School are not in any danger due to this incident. There is no threat to the school either. In fact, CCSD Police are working in cooperation with LVMPD detectives and investigators. If you would like more information about Harney Middle School, you can access their website by clicking here. If you or your children have any information which can assist police investigators, you can call the CCSD School Police. The Anonymous Tip Line phone number is: 702-799-0228.

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