When you think of spots to take a photo with that tourist uncle that is visiting from Missouri, a few places come to mind. The “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign” is a for sure stop (even though it should say Welcome To Fabulous Unincorporated Clark County). If you’re down for a night out, head on up to the Foundation Room at House Of Blues for an incredible view of the Strip. In front of the Bellagio Fountains is a classic, and if they want to impress their friends back home, they can take a picture in front of one of the “696-9696” mobile billboards.

Well, you can add a new spot to the list!

Las Vegas has a new picture-perfect spot for your next photo…

The relatively new Gateway Arches in front of The STRAT (and at the border of the proper City Of Las Vegas) has been an absolute death trap to try to get the perfect photo of. You’ll either be in the middle of the street, or get a less than stellar view of the sign from a sidewalk. That all changes today with a new observation platform that will elevate you above the traffic just enough to get a great view.

The City teamed up with Golden Entertainment, the owner and operator of The STRAT who also owned a nice piece of land across the street that offered up a great view. They allowed a corner of that land – a parking lot across the street – to be used to build the wheelchair accessible platform. The city will keep an eye on it and maintain the platform, which gets the City Of Las Vegas sign and arches in the foreground with the massive thrill tower looming over it in the background.

Plus don’t forget, there are some lovely ladies just beyond the arches that would love a photo as well. It has been amazing seeing the transformation take place north of Sahara on Las Vegas Boulevard!

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