Air Force One is headed to Harry Reid International Airport with President Biden in tow. He is in town talking about his plan to lower prescription drug costs.

The cost of that? Our roads are going to be even more snarled than usual due to several closures expected throughout his nearly day-long stay.

Here’s when and where to avoid during President Biden’s visit

Beginning Tuesday, March 14th at 5:30pm, and concluding around 6:30pm, expect cascading “hard” closures (a.k.a. they are shutting the whole thing down) on these roadways:

  • Airport Connector
  • 215 Beltway Westbound
  • Interstate 15 Northbound between 215 Beltway and US 95
  • US 95 Northbound between the Spaghetti Bowl to Summerlin Parkway
  • Summerlin Parkway in both directions

Then, later Tuesday he will leave the venue of his speech and head back on the road. Expect cascading “hard” closures from 7:30pm to 8:00pm on these roads:

  • Summerlin Parkway
  • US 95
  • Interstate 15 Southbound between US 95 through the Resort Corridor

It appears President Biden will be sticking around overnight, staying somewhere on the Las Vegas Strip as many before him has done. Wednesday, March 15th from 12:15pm to 12:45pm, expect “hard” closures on these roads:

  • Maryland Parkway (from Tropicana Road to Russell Road)
  • Airport Connector

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department warns all of these times are subject to change, but if you have any plans of being on any of these roads, or catching a flight out of LAS, you want to make sure you don’t get caught up in the commotion. Keep in mind closures to Interstate 15, US 95 and others will cause cascading traffic issues on connecting roads and highways, so get ready for a slog of a commute and maybe snag a cool picture to show your kids.

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