Take these rings and shove 'em?

Luxury spending has taken a huge hit, especially with the prices of everything now a days… and diamonds are definitely not an exception. Diamond demand has declined so much because people are becoming more cautious with their money and focused on investing in more practical items as well as the alternative to natural diamonds that are taking the market by storm, lab grown diamonds.

Yes – you read that correctly. Lab grown diamonds. 

Lab grown diamonds are becoming an attractive option for consumers. These are produced in a controlled environment, and their physical properties are identical to natural ones. The difference with lab grown gems is that they’re cheaper and can be manufactured faster, generating more supply and lowering the cost. Which we all could use in times like this. This means shoppers can get an absolutely beautiful gem at a fraction of the price they would have paid for a natural diamond, making it a good option for the people on a limited budget. Which is pretty much all of us right now.

Another selling point of lab grown over naturally grown is that they have fewer downsides when it comes to the environmental and social factors that can be associated with mined diamonds. Diamond mining can have a significant impact on the environment, and the working conditions for miners is not really desirable. Thanks to the lab-grown process, there’s less impact on the environment and no mistreatment of workers. It’s definitely safer. For these reasons, more conscientious consumers prefer lab grown, ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly diamonds.

The rise of the lab grown has created new opportunities for consumers who are looking for quality diamonds at an affordable cost, but it’s still important to do your research before making a purchase. With so many different options available, make sure you find a jeweler you can trust.

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